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55-year-old “boomer” gamer goes viral with insane Apex Legends clip

Published: 23/Sep/2020 15:02

by Calum Patterson


Self-proclaimed “Boomer” gamer, known as Duncanas on Twitch, has gone viral thanks to a clip of him dominating the opposition on Apex Legends, even receiving praise from a developer.

Gaming might still be considered a hobby for the younger generation, but this continues to become less true with each passing year, as veteran gamers keep their passion burning for games.

Twitch is now home to more than a few older players, and no one can forget the famous Skyrim Grandma, Shirley Curry, who went viral herself for playing Bethesda’s RPG in her 80’s.

Grandma playing Skyrim
YouTube: Localish
Shirley Curry rose to internet stardom as the ‘Grandma Gamer.’

Duncan McLeod, who runs the ‘Boomer Gaming’ YouTube and Twitch channels, spends most of his streams playing Apex Legends, and for a 55-year-old, his skill may surprise you.


Although most people expect FPS games to be the domain of the younger generation, thanks to faster reaction times and snappy aim, McLeod proves that with practice, anyone can pull their weight on the team.

Sharing one of his highlights to the Apex Legends subreddit, he went instantly viral, clocking up over 30,000 upvotes at the time of writing, and the attention of a developer.

I might be almost 55 but I’m not dead yet! from apexlegends

The dev simply commented “Damn Duncan! Get em,” and Duncan took the opportunity to plug his YouTube videos about changes he wants to be made to the game, including SBMM and Quality of Life features.

The clip in question was actually pulled from his most recent YouTube video, about improving movement and positioning in Apex Legends:


Other players also commented about their own experience as an older player, explaining that there is a larger community of 40+ Apex Legends players than most people would expect.

“There is a group of us that play and the youngest is in his 40s and the oldest is 54,” one explained. Duncan also said that despite his age, he is almost never the target of trolls or toxicity, but says “It may just be that with my Australian accent and humor I have a tendency to disarm them and don’t let anything get to me.”

You can catch ‘Boomer Gaming’ streaming live on Twitch almost every day.