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4-year-old Apex Legends player embarrasses opponent with execution

Published: 4/Jan/2020 19:52

by Scott Robertson


A proud father took the opportunity to show off an Apex Legends highlight that came from his four-year-old son, who showed off equal parts patience and ruthlessness on the World’s Edge train.

As competitive gaming and esports continues to grow heading into the new decade, it becomes more and more viable to get the kids started early on a pro gaming career.

One dad from Poland is already got a future legend in his household, who’s fragging enemies and making highlights before they’ve even gotten to kindergarten.

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Reddit user sleepek showed off his four and a half-year-old son’s latest “hilarious but kinda brutal” elimination, as they surprised a Crypto player just trying to heal themselves inside of a train car.


My 4.5 yo son in action yet again. This one was hillarious but kinda brutal this time. from apexlegends

The son of sleepek watched from above as two teams fought each other near the door of a stationary train car, and picked his moment perfectly as leapt down and entered the train behind them.

The Crypto player was caught completely off guard as he lowered his weapon and began injecting himself with a medical syringe, allowing sleepek’s son to drop him with three up-close shots of the P2020 to the head.

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For the young player, his skills appear to be growing rapidly, as just days prior his father posted a clip of the boy’s very first kill ever, in which he downs an opponent with the Triple Take just before succumbing to a grenade.


Respawn EntertainmentFor as smart as Crypto is, he really needs to check his surroundings before healing.

According to the dad, the four-year-old plays on console, and he’s not concerned about his young son playing a “violent” video game. Some members of the community commented on the title of the father’s original post, which says the son “thinks it is a great feeling to kill another player,” and he responded.

“There are some clear double standards here but I don’t really care,” he wrote. “I mean how hilarious it is to be killed by such a small boy in such a fast-paced game. I don’t need any of your parenting advice cause I know what is best for him and I know that I don’t do any harm.”


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While Apex Legends does fall under the shooter genre, it is significantly less violent and bloody than some other games in the same genre. Most of the “violence” is very cartoonish, and the “great feeling” that the dad describes is the rush of dopamine that comes from succeeding in any video game.

Unfortunately for the young player, he will have to wait a while until he can begin his competitive career. The upcoming Apex Global Series requires competitors to be at least sixteen, so we should mark our calendars for 2032 for when we see his professional debut.