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Twitch streamer goes viral after finding favorite Animal Crossing villager

Published: 2/May/2020 19:59

by Meg Bethany Koepp


Twitch streamer ‘FireDragon’ had the most epic reaction to finally finding his favorite villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The moment was so wholesome that it went viral.

If you’ve played Animal Crossing since the beginning, then you’ll know that not every villager is in every game – which is a blow for those with favorites from the GameCube title. Luckily though, New Horizons seems to have brought a bunch of oldies back, giving players who went without their best friend for years a chance to reunite with them again.

Many use Nook Miles Tickets to fly to random islands at a chance of finding a particular character, who they can then convince to move into their town. This exact scenario happened to Twitch streamer FireDragon, who had spent countless of them in attempt to secure his favorite from the 2002 title – and he had the best reaction when it finally paid off.

The 2002 GameCube title was the first Animal Crossing game in the West.

Streamer finds favorite Animal Crossing villager

On April 30, the speedrunner embarked on a long journey in order to find Bill, a jock duck character. He spent a whopping 80 Nook Tickets in the hopes of finding him, discarding many other unwanted villagers along the way. To put it into perspective, one NMT costs 2,000 Miles – meaning 80 of them amount to a massive 160,000.

After discovering the 80th island, FireDragon said “Let’s go, dude!” confidently before running forward to see who he’d gotten this time. It’s easy to see how eager he was to secure the bird, as he wore a yellow bill and a hat modeled after its face.

Upon spotting his favorite across the river, the streamer yelled out in surprise and began jumping up and down in his seat. “Yo! We did it! Yo, Bill! BILL!” he exclaimed, before showing his wife. “I got Bill! Yes, Bill! My favorite GameCube villager! I’m 10 years old again!”

The clip went viral on Twitter, garnering over 17.5k likes and 150k views at the time of writing. It even got posted to Reddit where it achieved 25.1k upvotes, with many captivated by how wholesome his reaction was.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons released on March 20, and quickly rose to become the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch title to date in just its opening weekend alone. With a whole host of content headed to the game in the future, it’s easy to see why fans are so excited.

Animal Crossing

The Simpsons intro gets epic recreation in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Published: 8/Aug/2020 1:00 Updated: 3/Sep/2020 14:22

by Brent Koepp


An Animal Crossing YouTuber went viral after re-creating The Simpsons’ iconic intro in New Horizons. The player’s incredible mashup is one of the best things you’ll see today.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons took the world by storm after making its debut in March. The latest release in the long-running franchise introduced new features such as the ability to shape your village however you see fit using terraforming.

The new mechanic has sparked the imaginations of millions of users on social media, and one creator went viral after using the tool to bring The Simpsons to the social-simulation title. Their re-imagination of the classic cartoon’s intro is the perfect crossover.

the simpsons logo animal crossing
YouTube: Great-Bit Arcade
A talented creator made The Simpsons intro in Animal Crossing.

The Simpsons re-imagined in Animal Crossing

The Simpsons made its debut in 1989, and has gone on to become a juggernaut in pop culture over the last three decades. In 2020, the animation is in its 31st season. To celebrate, a player re-created the show’s intro in New Horizons.

Gaming YouTuber ‘Great-Bit Arcade‘ uploaded their mind blowing creation to their channel on July 29, and quickly went viral. The video carefully re-creates the animation’s iconic intro, which follows the Simpson family throughout their town of Springfield.

The fan creatively used assets from Animal Crossing to create the town’s nuclear plant, before hilariously cutting to their character writing on a chalk board in school while wearing Bart Simpson’s signature outfit.

the simpsons animal crossing new horizons
YouTube: Great-Bit Arcade
Maggie and Marge Simpson are re-created in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Great-Bit’s video meticulously recreates every scene, from Maggie and Marge driving to Lisa playing her saxophone in school. The YouTuber even created a couch gag with the Simpson family walking in to find Tom Nook and Isabelle taking up all the space on their sofa.

Animal Crossing’s latest release has been a major success for Nintendo. In a quarterly report posted in August, it was revealed the social simulation title has sold over 22.4 million units – making it the second highest-selling game on the console.

New Horizons’ terraforming tool has encouraged players from around the world to share their creations on social media. Fans have reimagined things from Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away to Avatar: The Last Airbender using the game’s new feature.