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WoW Classic drastically increases max server load, fixes long queue times

Published: 28/Aug/2019 18:54 Updated: 28/Aug/2019 21:44

by Alan Bernal


Blizzard Entertainment has answered the prayers of many World of Warcraft Classic fans on August 28 with larger server capacities as horrendous queue times in popular realms marred the launch window experience for many.

WoW Classic has finally given long time players and interested new parties a chance to experience the land of Azeroth as it was when the game first launched in 2004. But renewed hype for the title has left many waiting in atrocious queue times to log into various realms.

But the developers are now “substantially increasing the number of players that can be simultaneously logged in and playing,” the devs said in their hotfix announcement.

Blizzard EntertainmentThe wait times for WoW Classic were really bad for a lot of players.

With the new hotfixes, wait times have been severely cut down to more acceptable levels. Even though players will still be lining up in a queue, the “Estimated time” to join a realm shouldn’t be as bad.

“With hotfixes that we are currently deploying to all WoW Classic realms, we are substantially increasing the number of players that can be simultaneously logged in and playing,” the WoW devs said in their announcement. “We expect this to result in smaller queues for realms that have large queues, and some realms should no longer have queues at all.”

Blizzard EntertainmentThe queue times for a popular WoW Classic server mere moments after the hotfix.

The legions of WoW players have been looking forward to Classic’s August 26 release, with many of them treating it as a mini-holiday.

Millions of WoW fans across the world are more than enough to fill the launch day servers, but a key difference between 2019 and 2004 are the thousands of fans and viewers for many popular streamers.

Notably, the “streamer server” of Faerlina along with high traffic realms like Bigglesworth and Fairbanks have featured outstanding queue times of 500 minutes or more.

While it’s true that expansions and major events similarly bombarded the WoW servers throughout the years, there’s been a huge spike in the wait times since Classic released, in part due to new players joining the ranks of the Horde and Alliance.

Blizzard EntertainmentHopefully the shortened queue times will let more WoW players experience all of the game’s moments in a timely manner.

Thousands of players will be rejoicing in the wake of Blizzard’s hotfix as it means shorter queue times will give people more time to play the game than waiting for others to log off.

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OfflineTV’s WoW Shadowlands dungeon skip ends up a hilarious disaster

Published: 28/Nov/2020 22:16

by Bill Cooney


The folks of the OfflineTV collective have found out the hard way why trying to dungeon skip in World of Warcraft can take longer than just doing it as Blizzard intended.

Everyone in the WoW community, and then some, are currently grinding their way through the MMO’s newest expansion Shadowlands including Scarra and Toast of OfflineTV.

As most longtime players know, leveling up a new toon can be a serious slog, but by Dungeon skipping you can make the process a bit easier. However, this doesn’t come without its risks.

Dungeon skipping doesn’t mean you skip the instance entirely (how else are you going to get all of that sweet, sweet loot?) but instead take shortcuts inside to cut down on the number of regular (trash) enemies you have to fight and get to bosses quicker.

Shadowlands WoW
Blizzard Entertainment
Shadowlands brings plenty of new dungeons and raids for players to (ideally) fight their way through.

There are several reasons why you’d want to do this. Even though trash mobs can drop loot of their own and offer XP, a lot of players choose to skip them to save time and reach the guaranteed rare items dropped by bosses quicker.

This was the situation Scarra, Toast, and their group found themselves in while running through the new Shadowlands dungeon ‘Mists of Tirna Scithe.’ Instead of continuing on the obvious path, the group decided to have Scarra’s priest levitate them over a chasm of certain death.

It was a confusing choice as the little maneuver wouldn’t have even saved them that much time, because they were only skipping three enemies in total. Instead of shortening the run though, it ended up making things take way longer since they completely failed and almost everyone fell to their death.

Scarra went on to joke on Twitter that this crack group was actually “practicing” for the Mythic Dungeon Invitational. All we can say based on this snippet is that he might want to work on his cast timing if that is the case.

At least everyone managed to have a good time and laugh it off while plummeting to their doom, and in the end, isn’t having a good time with your friends, even if you’re failing miserably, what WoW is all about?