World of Warcraft Dragonflight players disappointed with the reputation rewards

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Some World of Warcraft players feel like the Dragonflight paragon chests offer extremely underwhelming rewards, especially compared to previous expansions.

The Paragon reward chest, or paragon reward bag, is a mechanic dating back to the days of World of Warcraft Legion. When a player reaches the highest reputation level with a given faction, which is Exalted, every time the player earns 10,000 reputation points afterward they will be rewarded with the Paragon chest.

This action can be repeated infinitely as long as the player takes the precious time needed to grind quests and other activities allowing reputation gain.

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The mechanic has been heavily criticized in the past for having an extraordinarily low chance of dropping mounts, which combined with the high time investment required to earn a paragon chest locked many players out of obtaining some of them.

But now players are criticizing the Dragonflight’s variation of the chest for not containing any worthwhile rewards for the time investment necessary.

WoW players disappointed with Dragonflight paragon chest rewards

User u/Veridically_ posted his thoughts on the new rewards to r/wow Reddit, explaining his disappointment.

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“After Shadowlands offering 3500 gold and pets, and Legion/BFA offering mounts, I am slightly underwhelmed by the offering from the DF paragon chests. Pet bandages, 1k gold, some materials, and rarely a dragon shard or a bottled essence don’t seem like fitting rewards,” wrote Veridically in his post.

This post was met with mixed responses, with some users rallying behind Veridically in their disappointment.

“I’d be fine with just the gold being a bit more and maybe add some missing dragonmog or the armor mogs that you can get from the rep vendor too,” comments one user.

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But others still remember the mentioned Legion controversy, and others yet simply claim the paragon chests are like this by design.

“I’m glad there are no mounts involved for once, f**k having to farm a ton of rep just for a chance at a mount. I still don’t have most of the Legion ones,” reads the currently most upvoted comment in the thread.

“Isn’t that by design? They’re supposed to be a little extra you get for continuing to do content so that rep doesn’t just go into the aether. It’s not supposed to be something you feel obligated to grind for, which is what happened when pets and mounts could be found in them,” claims another player.

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The change may come in a future update at some point, but for now, players must rely on external addons to keep things organized.