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Twitch streamer Jokerd tries to delete World’s First Level 60 WoW Classic character but fans foil him

Published: 30/Aug/2019 18:56 Updated: 30/Aug/2019 21:39

by Eli Becht


JokerdTV became the world’s first to reach level 60 in World of Warcraft Classic, reaching the mark on August 30, just four days after the official launch – and he immediately tried to start over but chat wouldn’t let him.

WoW Classic gave many players a chance to relive the game of their childhood as they experience the world of Azeroth all over again.

JokerdTV showed the long levelling process in Classic was no problem as he climbed from a fresh character all the way to level 60 in only four days.

The moment was captured on Twitch and the in-game chat went wild once he hit his final goal, with more than 300,000 viewers watching live.


This is no small feat and requires a huge time commitment, as we have streamers like Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek who have put tons of hours into the game already but aren’t anywhere close to the level cap.

JokerdTV blew past the competition and it could be at least a day before anyone else joins him at the level 60 plateau, making this accomplishment even crazier.

Leading up to this impressive milestone he was playing “Live to Win” by Paul Stanley, which was popularized in the Season 10 episode of South Park “Make Love Not Warcraft” where the characters played World of Warcraft.


For those wondering what’s next for Jokerd, the answer is simple – he gets to play the game now. Or at least that’s what you’d think.

Blizzard EntertainmentThe first level 60 in WoW Classic has been revealed.

Immediately after reaching the mark, he tried to delete his character but was blocked by players since he was receiving too much mail.

He logged back in and checked the mailbox where he discovered there was a metric ton of mail waiting for him.

Reaching the level cap in an MMO is not the end of the journey, in fact, it’s just the beginning, and that’s not any different in WoW Classic.


The dreaded Molten Core raid awaits everyone who makes it to level 60 where there will be a lot of grinding to do, which Classic players are definitely looking forward to.

Congratulations to JokerdTV for his record, but now he’ll have to wait for others to catch before he can continue on with the true endgame content in WoW Classic.

You can tune into his journey live on Twitch right here. Jokerd managed to beat out Method, the esports and WoW guild that have been known for their world firsts in raiding, which was being produced on a high budget by WSOE.