Simple WoW Dragonflight trick adds skull to Tauren’s tail

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WoW Dragonflight’s attention to detail on the cosmetic front is being praised by players after new discoveries in the alpha by Tauren players.

How your character looks in World of Warcraft is half the fun of playing the game. Having a good looking toon with some sick transmogs is easily worth the hours of work it takes.

That being said though, Dragonflight seems to be taking things to a whole other level, with items that add extra details players are loving already.

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In a post on the official WoW subreddit, user shaater pointed out the unique cosmetic effect the Blightguard’s Girdle belt had on Tauren — adding a little skull to the end of their tail.

As expected, most players love the added cosmetic flair, and want Blizzard to add more of it come Dragonflight.

“Theres like 3-4 boots I’ll wear on my troll that cover the feet,” one user replied. “We need more.”

Cosmetic options for certain races — or the lack thereof — have been a topic of discussion in the WoW community for awhile now so could Dragonflight be the start of Blizzard paying attention to detail like fans want?

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Dragonflight has some players hoping that Blizzard has actually taken feedback from fans and players into account this time around.

Even though the Alpha is out, it might still be too early to tell whether or not this will be the case. While we already know a lot of the base game content coming with Dragonflight, what will arrive with the endgame is still a bit of mystery.

But, based on the promising cosmetic upgrades being offered in the alpha, the newest WoW expansion could be just what players have been waiting for.

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