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How to install the Questie add-on for WoW Classic

Published: 31/Aug/2019 23:52 Updated: 2/Sep/2019 16:14

by Matt Porter


World of Warcraft Classic is finally here, and players are already searching for ways to improve their experience on the MMO title, with adding helpful tools like Questie Classic at the top of the list for most players. 

Add-ons and mods for WoW Classic obviously can’t make your character any more powerful or provide any advantages over other players – those would be called hacks or cheats, and could very likely result in a visit from the ban hammer.

One of the most popular World of Warcraft add-ons is Questie, which makes finding your way across WoW’s map easier, and can play a major part in how you and your guildmates plan your next quests for loot or gear. 


Legacy-wowQuestie displays icons that can help players finish quests much easier.

What does the Questie Classic add-on do?

Questie fills one of the most difficult players that WoW players old or new face – the confusing map and the lack of information about where you can find quests, objectives or turn-ins. 

Thankfully, Questie solves these issues by marking them on your map for you, meaning you know exactly where you need to head to get your hands on some sweet loot. The add-on even gives you some tips on how to defeat quest-related mods should you find yourself struggling to defeat them, and even shows quests that haven’t been unlocked yet so you know what you need to do to get them. 


The WoW Classic version of the add-on is still a work-in-progress, but new additions are constantly being made to the add-on, and is still a vital tool for World of Warcraft players eager to spend less time aimlessly walking around in hopes of stumbling across thier next objective.

How do I install the Questie Classic add-on?

Installing WoW add-ons is relatively simple, thanks to Twitch’s acquisition of Curse, as the Twitch app now acts as a one-stop shop, and even does the installation for you. 

Simple download the Twitch desktop client, navigate to the Mods tab, and search for “Questie”, which should bring up the add-on, plus other popular downloads that are popular with other WoW players. 


When you click install, make sure to select the WoW Classic version in the top right, as it is set to WoW Retail automatically, then click install. 

TwitchMods can be found under the “Mods” tab on the Twitch desktop app.

You can also add it to the game’s files manually, by downloading the Questie file, locatng the “AddOns” folder for WoW in your computer, located in whatever drive you used to install WoW Classic, and the  pasting it in.

The location of the file will probably look similar to this, but it could be different on your machine, so always be sure to double check:

C:\World of Warcraft\_classic_\Interface\AddOns

Once you open WoW Classic again, Questie should be installed, and make your experience much easier. 


BlizzardPeople have had over a decade to come up with add-ons and mods for almost everything in Classic.

What add-ons or mods should I use?

There are so many different applications that can be used to improve your WoW experience, it really all comes down to personal preference.

A lot of mods are geared towards specific classes and roles, but some are useful no matter what you’re playing.

The following mods and add-ons can enhance the UI, or make questing, looting or PVP easier. 

Basically, they augment the game with “quality of life” improvements Blizzard didn’t include in Classic because they weren’t there when the game came out (we wanted Vanilla and by god we got it).

AtlasLoot Classic – Available on Twitch, CurseForge and Legacy-wow


This mod provides a database which reveals the different pieces of armor and equipment players can obtain, where they can find it, and the chances of it dropping. It can be a great way to make your next plans, find gear for a much-needed upgrade, and more.

OneBag3 Classic – Available on Legacy-wow

Organizing your bags storage space can be a major chore in WoW, luckily there’s OneBag3 Classic, which merges all your bags together, so you can organize without having to move things from bag to bag – and see all your storage space in one place.

Gatherer – Available on Legacy-wow

For players who want to make cash through professions, Gatherer is a must-have. After installation, it tracks the locations of all gathered materials on your map, so you can go back later and harvest without having to search around again. If you’re looking to load up on materials quick, this add-on can be a lifesaver.

Questie Classic – Available on Twitch and LegacyWoW

Has Classic’s old-school, unforgiving quest system thrown you for a loop? Look no further than Questie, which adds more quest icons to your map – like where that sneaky quest-giving NPC is hanging out. 

Auctioneer – Available on Twitch, WoWInterface

Any WoW player in the know is aware that the Auction house is where you go to maybe score a deal, or make some serious gold. Auctioneer sorts through the auction house to make sure you’re getting the best deal on what you buy, and the most profitable price to sell things at.

Vendor Price – Available on WoWInterface

Anyone playing WoW should seriously consider Vendor Price, which lists the amount that each item will sell for to a vendor. It sounds simple, because it is, but it can also be crucial to help decide what to hang on to and what to get rid of while out questing.

Faster Looting – Availble on WillitClassic

If you haven’t already, you should go into your interface options and check off Auto Loot, then you should download Faster Looting – which makes gathering loot off of your vanquished foes even quicker

WOWAdd-ons can make your WoW Classic life a lot easier.

The above is only the tip of the iceberg as far as add-ons and mods for WoW Classic go, searching through any of the above sites can usually yield just the addition your looking for or thinking of.

Like your character in World of Warcraft, what add ons you choose to use are completely up to you, so find some that work and seem useful, then get back out there  and bring those 8 Murloc Fins to Dockmaster Baren in Lakeshire.