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Weird Valorant bug lets Viper wallhack using her ultimate

Published: 25/Apr/2020 22:51

by Alan Bernal


A Valorant bug has been found that lets Viper’s ultimate ability become even deadlier since it gives her a peak through the fog to find anyone looming inside of it.

The poisonous plume from Viper’s ultimate ability, simply called ‘Viper’s Pit,’ shrouds a large area in a green dome. Any other player who steps into the pit gets obscured vision while reducing their maximum health.

Only one trade off with the ultimate is that her vision is also hindered by her gaseous ability. But a glitch eliminates that detriment altogether by giving her sight of everything within the walls of the pit.


Riot Games
Viper uses her poison abilities to damage and disorientate Valorant opponents.

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Even though she has a fair bit of vision to play with, the cloud of gas has some clipping issues that can lead to players exploiting the bizarre glitch, like user ‘lilpieni’ showed.

The reproducible bug instantly takes away most of the particle effects or fog of war that’s present inside of the parameters to Viper’s Pit.

Her ultimate ability is already dangerous as it is since it dares any opponent to enter its boundaries where there could always be a lingering player waiting for an attacker to walk into eager crosshairs.

*BUG* A well placed Viper Pit can give you *wallhacks*. This is one of the places I found where it works. *BUG* from VALORANT

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But with the help of the bug, Viper (or any player making use of it) can easily track the players who are walking within the cloud.

The glitch makes any engagement taking place within the ult a completely one-sided affair that the developers are sure to fix since there’s not much of a counterplay to it.

This isn’t the first time that people have come across something off with the vision that Valorant Agents can get.

lilpieni via Reddit
The bug takes away the limited vision that players have inside of Viper’s Pit.

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Cypher has been able to get onto peculiar spots using another exploit with Sage’s wall. Just like the Viper’s Pit glitch, any player would find it hard to counter since it isn’t something that people would normally take into account.


People have been discovering loads of helpful info in the young life of Valorant. With the game still being in the Beta until the summer, it gives the team behind the game plenty of time to patch something like this.