VCT Masters Tokyo teams ignored one fan-favorite Valorant agent

Declan Mclaughlin
VCT Masters Trophy modeled off of one Valorant Agent

Across the entire VCT Masters Tokyo tournament, every Valorant Agent except one was picked at least once. The teams and players ignored the one Agent that would have made the Japanese crowd cheer the loudest.

VCT Masters Tokyo has concluded with Fnatic taking home the trophy after over 20 matches were played at the event. With the plethora of matches, every playable map and style of play got a chance to be showcased.

However, only one Valorant Agent across the entire cast did not make an appearance at the tournament. Phoenix, Reyna, and Chamber were previously three of the four Agents not chosen in the group stage of the tournament. But, thanks to Paper Rex, NRG Esports, and Evil Geniuses, all three of those Agents got at least one map appearance in the playoff stage.

Yoru, Valorant’s sole Japanese Agent and the inspiration behind the VCT Masters Tokyo trophy was the one Agent that did not see any play at the event.

Yoru left out of VCT Masters Tokyo

Yoru is not a popular pick in the current meta. The Duelist offers little value for teams with his utility and his movement abilities are not good enough to trump other meta picks like Jett, Raze, or even Neon.

yoru buffs
Yoru is not a popular pick in pro play.

Some teams at the tournament, such as Paper Rex and NAVI, were known to play the Japanese Agent but neither team chose to break out the surprise pick.

The crowd at VCT Masters Tokyo was praised by many pros and casters for its hospitality and non-discriminatory cheering across an event with no home-town representative. So, one can only wonder how loud the crowd would have gotten if the Japanese fans got to see a Japanese character show up in a major matchup.

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