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Valorant tips to decipher Omen’s confusing Teleport audio cues

Published: 2/Jun/2020 2:36

by Alan Bernal


Omen’s abilities in Valorant can sometimes leave players confused on how to react once the sound queues go off, but YouTuber ‘SpoilsFPS’ broke down how these effects work to properly play with or against the Agent.

Throughout the beta for Riot’s new tactical 5v5 shooter, people have noticed discrepancies on the sounds they can or cannot hear. This could range from ghost footsteps to the binary audio issues that can really throw people off in a clutch situation.

These problems only get stranger when factoring Omen’s Teleport ability that conjures up two sets of sound queues; his initial TP effects and the ones that are made when landing the ability.


That’s exactly why SpoilsFPS made a detailed breakdown on the spectre Agent’s Shrouded Step that helps players get accustomed with what they should or shouldn’t expect to hear.

The biggest sound that goes off is when Omen enters his Teleport animation. There’s a flurry of graphical effects that surround the Agent followed by a booming noise that lets people in the nearby radius know he’s on the move.

Riot Games
The sounds from Omen’s Shrouded Step can be tricky to track.

However, Valorant players can sometimes lose track of where Omen exits because the sound that comes out of the landing can go missing at certain distances.

“General line of sight things such as walls or smokes does not reduce the landing sound of the teleport,” Spoils said. “The landing sound is strictly based on the distance away from the person listening for it.”


Confusion among the player base listening through multiple objects would occur when Omen would TP and no landing sound was heard.

SpoilsFPS attributes this to the Omen possibly using the Shrouded Step to move away from its initial location, since the sound gets lost if the person listening is out of range.

Of all the Agents in Valorant, Omen is the most equipped to create chaos away from his team’s point of attack in a given round. It’s because of this that players should play close attention to where he’s trying to teleport.

Valorant is launching worldwide so there’s plenty of tips on Omen that SpoilsFPS goes through which can help new fans and beta players to learn from.