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Valorant players uncover shocking Jett headshot hitbox size

Published: 4/May/2020 7:58

by Brad Norton


Jett’s headshot hitbox in Valorant may come as a huge surprise after a stunning new revelation has revealed just how massive it is.

Accurate hitboxes are absolutely vital in a tactical FPS like Riot’s Valorant. If you feel as though your shot is even slightly off, it could ruin gameplay and sour the entire experience.

After a few weeks of hands-on experience with the game through its Closed Beta period, dedicated players have uncovered a headshot hitbox detail that could be in desperate need of a fix.

Riot Games
Jett’s hitbox may be in need of a change after this discovery.

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Just like every other shooter on the market, landing a headshot with any weapon in Valorant will deal a greater amount of damage than elsewhere on the body. It’s by far the quickest way to dispatch any oppositon.


Yet the actual radius in which you can land a headshot, may come as a huge surprise. Taking to a custom game on May 3, Reddit user ‘Snapcut505’ uncovered the true size of Jett’s headshot hitbox.

Not only can the Agent be insta-killed when shot directly in the head, but the hitbox also carries down through her hood, and even her shoulders. This means that players can die without ever actually receiving a proper headshot.

Wondering why you get 1 tapped all game? Take a look… Hit box is MASSIVE from VALORANT

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A simple tap to the shoulder from up close is all that’s needed to instantly kill the character. A shot fired directly at the hood of her jacket will also result in a one-shot elimination. 


“That’s so off the head it looks unintentional. I hope they change this,” Reddit user ‘LiveWithFear’ responded. 

Without comment from Riot Games, there’s no telling if this is indeed, by design, or if it might be a potential issue.

After all, Jett is one of the smaller characters in the game. Perhaps there’s a chance that her headshot hitbox is simply expanded to keep in line with more beefy Agents such as Cypher or Breach.

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As you grind through Valorant’s new competitive ladder, keep this information in mind. It could help you reach that next rank.


If you find yourself in a battle against Jett, you may just be able to land a headshot even while aiming lower on the body.