Valorant players find new Neon boost trick on Breeze despite devs patching it out

Breeze Valorant mapRiot Games

A Valorant player has uncovered a new way to attempt the Neon jump boost on Breeze despite the devs patching it out. 

When it comes to agent picks on Breeze, Neon really shouldn’t be your first choice as her abilities aren’t exactly suited for the map. Despite that, Neon fans won’t stop trying to make the character fit in, even if it means pulling off some insane jump boost to reach an area other agents could do easily. 

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This is what led to Neon players finding a particular jump boost for A Site’s pyramids, To do it, an ally would need to stand in a particular spot, to which the Neon would then need to run into the ally and slide once at the edge.

This boost was eventually patched by the devs as it seemingly wasn’t intentional, but even that isn’t stopping Neon players as a new workaround has just been unearthed. 

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Shown off by Valorant streamer and Neon main temet, the new way to pull off the boost is remarkably similar to the old way. Instead of an ally just being in the right position, your ally would also need to time a jump right as you slide, launching you up the pyramid. 

However, making Neon fly isn’t exactly a new thing. Found back in 2022, players discovered that if you were to dash and slide into an ally from a particular height, you could gain some upward momentum to get to a normally inaccessible spot as Neon.

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But, this was patched in November 2022 as it was not an intended mechanic Riot wanted for Neon, despite the highlights the bug produced. 

But, it seems Breeze’s pyramids may be bugged overall as you can actually climb it without any abilities just by spamming crouch as Jett.

Unfortunately for Jett players, this was also patched out before long. However, it’s unknown if Riot will patch out the new Neon jump boost as well.

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