VALORANT Masters Berlin: F4Q vs G2 Esports – n0thing Predicts! #Shorts

Alex Garton. Last updated: Sep 16, 2021
n0thing predicts Valorant

G2 Esports is set to take on F4Q next at VCT Masters Berlin and after losing to TenZ’s Sentinels, the roster is in desperate need of a victory.

With Sentinels taking the number one spot in the group, it’s crunch time for G2 Esports as they take on F4Q at VCT Masters. As the Korean team hasn’t picked up a win just yet, they’ll be desperate to prove themselves in the upcoming match.

However, Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert believes m1xwell, nukkye, keloqz, koldamenta, and AvovA have what it takes to defeat the underdogs.

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