Valorant devs respond to game-breaking bug revealing hidden enemies on minimap

Riot Games

Reports have surfaced of a game-breaking Valorant bug that allows you to see hidden enemies on the minimap, forcing devs to respond swiftly.

Ever since the release of Valorant, players have been reporting instances of being able to see enemies on their minimap despite them not being in line of sight. It even happened on a livestream with shroud all the way back in February 2021.

But due to the randomness of the bug, it can be quite hard for players to capture it happening unless they are already recording their game. However, the problem has once again resurfaced after a player posted on the Competitive Valorant subreddit on March 8, showcasing yet another instance of the issue. 

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The post made by u/Ne1tu showed an enemy Gekko clearly visible on Split’s A site Rafters. They called out the position, pinging the exact location, which lead to his teammate throwing a Raze nade and killing the enemy. 

Valorant minimap bugRedditL: u/Mehrdad1997
An example of the game-breaking Valorant bug in action

Penguin, a Game Designer for Valorant, responded that he alerted the Quality Assurance team, and thanked the player for the report. 

But other players have pointed out that the same problem has also been happening to other agents. In another instance, a player could see the position of the enemy Skye at the start of the round, despite the Skye not being in line of sight.

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According to the poster, u/Mehrdad1997, the Skye appeared on their minimaps mostly when they were using their abilities. Sometimes it would also happen when she was just shooting, even providing a screenshot to prove their point.

And the problem was also reported by u/dustannum of an enemy Jett being visible on their minimap throughout their game despite being out of sight. They provided multiple screenshots of the enemy Jett being visible despite not being in sight. Even appearing during a 1v5 situation where they were completely visible despite nobody near them.

As of writing this, Riot has not yet released any official fixes for the bug. However, it’s clear the team is on the case so things should be resolved soon enough.

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