Valorant dev responds to crazy Sova Recon Bolt glitch

Riot Games

Riot Games developers have responded to a bizarre glitch with Sova’s Recon Dart in Valorant, allowing players to spot enemies through walls on Bind.

Since the release of Valorant’s closed beta on April 7, fans have been eager to get their hands on the new Agents to test out all of their abilities.

Unfortunately, one ability was revealed to have a game-breaking bug where it granted players vision on their enemies even through walls on the map, Bind.

Riot Games
A glitch has been found with Sova’s Recon Bolt in Valorant.

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The glitch occurred with Sova’s Recon Bolt ability, which is designed to reveal the location of enemies that are caught in the line of sight of the bolt.

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However, there is one spot on the map Bind which seemingly grants vision on players even if they are hidden from the Recon Bolts field of vision.

A clip of glitch was shared by u/TopherC97, revealing just how game-breaking the glitch could be to find out where the remaining enemies are hiding, particularly in clutch situations.

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Valorant developer Nathan ‘Fancypmcgee’ Tiras responded to the post, letting Valorant fans know that he would inform Riot’s Maps and Characters teams so that they could take a further look at the unusual situation.

“That’s probably more vision than is intended given the recon dart placement,” he added, suggesting that it was likely to be a glitch.

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There was another bug with Sova’s Recon Bolt, that also gave vision on enemies outside of the dart’s vision, which was recently fixed in the beta’s 0.49 patch.

As it is an issue that developers are aware of and have dealt with before, it is likely that it won’t take Riot too long to find out what is causing this bizarre bug.

Players have also come up with some unique tricks using the Agent’s kit in Valorant, with one clever fan using Sova’s shock bolt as a trap.