The Guard’s valyn says team has surpassed VCT Stage 1 form

Declan Mclaughlin
The Guard vayln at VCT Stage 1 Masters

The Guard have played their way into the VCT North American Last Chance Qualifier Grand Final, rebounding after a 1-4 VCT Stage 2 Challengers league performance.

The Guard were previously one of the highlights of North American Valorant during VCT Stage 1, going 4-1 in the Challengers Group Stage and claiming the No. 1 seed for Masters Reykjavík in the playoffs.

But after their surprise 0-2 exit from the major tournament, the team returned to North America looking rattled. Now, only one more win away from Valorant Champions, The Guard have surpassed their VCT Stage 1 form according to the team’s IGL Jacob ‘valyn’ Batio.

“I definitely think that we’re surpassed it,” valyn said about their current form in LCQ in an interview with Dexerto.

“I would say that all we need to do right now is just consistency in terms of all of our maps, like everyone playing consistent throughout the week.”

The Guard stand shoulder to shoulder at Valorant Masters Iceland
The Guard were seeded directly into the Playoff Stage at Stage 1 Masters.

Valyn said that The Guard has been playing better “fundamental Valorant” and not relying as much on individual heroics like they did in VCT Stage 1.

“I’m not gonna lie, back in Stage 1 we were pulling off some insane clutches that we didn’t deserve, but we’re not doing that too much right now. We’re just playing better and that’s why I think we’re past or very close to passing our Stage 1 form is because we’re not relying on hero plays anymore,” the IGL said.

That consistency is something that should help the team if they make an international appearance again as regular major tournament teams will be as drilled, if not more, than The Guard according to the 19 year old.

“I think we’re gonna be able to step up and challenge them a lot better than we did last time,” he said.

The Guard will face either 100 Thieves or Faze Clan in the NA LCQ Grand Final on August 14 to decide if they will made the trip to Turkey in September.