tarik reaches impressive Valorant ranked milestone

Tarik in Sentinels jerseyTwitch: Tarik

In Episode 5, Act 3 of Valorant, Sentinels streamer and former CS:GO professional Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik recorded a whopping number of victories in ranked matches.

The popular streamer for the Sentinels brand notched 400 victories in ranked matches between October 18 and January 9, though he was only ranked 206th overall among Radiant players by the time Episode 5, Act 3 came to an end, with 745 rating points.

tarik joined Sentinels as a content creator and streamer in August 2022. He has built a massive following on Twitch with 2.4 million followers and over 12,000 subscribers, according to TwitchTracker.

The number of wins accrued by tarik is rare in Radiant, the highest rank in Valorant. Sentinels star Zachary ‘zekken’ Patrone, who topped the North American leaderboards in Act 3, had only 174 wins to his name, for example. In the latest Act, accounts with comparable numbers to tarik include NRG Esports player Sam ‘s0m’ Oh with 388 wins and a player named MICKNUTTY333 with 412 wins.

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tarik notches impressive win total in Valorant ranked act

While tarik may not own the record for ranked wins in a single act, his numbers are historically impressive. In Episode 5 Act 2, no player in Radiant surpassed 300 wins, while in Act 1 only one player managed 400 wins. Many of the players who hit these numbers are either professional Valorant players or players who stream the game consistently.

tarik and the rest of the Valorant ranked ladder will be able to start competing for the most wins and the highest placement in Episode 6, Act 1 on January 10.