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Summit1g & Stewie2K claim Valorant is more “repetitive” than CSGO

Published: 4/May/2020 23:32

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar and Counter-Strike pro Jake ‘Stewie2k’ Yip dug into reasons they believe Valorant is starting to feel repetitive.

Since the beta release of Riot Games’ tactical shooter, Summit1g has been grinding the game nonstop – but now, all that playing may have taken its toll on the streamer, who voiced his frustration with the title on Twitter in early May.


“I think my feeling on Valorant right now is that it seems way more repetitive somehow than CS does,” the streamer wrote, noting that he wasn’t sure exactly why he felt that way (but clarifying it wasn’t due to a lack of maps in the game).

Stewie2K responded with an interesting take as to why this was, suggesting that every “peek is the same” in Valorant.


“You can’t really jiggle or be diverse in the way you peek,” Yip explained, adding that CS:GO has many options and a variety of ways to do so.

“More ways to peek A ramp Mirage than entire Valorant maps,” Summit1g responded, seemingly in agreement with the Team Liquid star.

In a follow-up, Lazar theorized that his issue could be because the game’s “buy zone” is too large.


“Moving freely to a spot where RIGHT when the round starts (in not just one location like CS, every location) you’re running into someone right around the corner,” he brainstormed.

As the discussions continued, with many different opinions being thrown every which way by Twitter warriors, it seemed like no consensus was made and things were at a stalemate.

Riot Games
Many people weighed in on the CSGO vs Valorant debate.

However, Lazar ended the debate with a disclaimer that he wasn’t “trying to hate” Valorant, and he was just trying to wrap his head around why the game felt repetitive.


“Valorant has been pretty fun either way,” he concluded. “Hope it owns.”

It will be interesting to see how the game evolves to keep players interested, especially with multiple major teams being formed for the game’s developing esports scene.


Flashpoint Season 2 details revealed: $1 million prize pool, teams, more

Published: 7/Oct/2020 2:50

by Andrew Amos


Flashpoint is returning for Season 2 on November 9, featuring 12 top CS:GO teams playing online duking it out over a $1 million prize pool. Seven teams from Season 1 have been confirmed to return.

After an up-and-down first season, Flashpoint is looking at making things right in Season 2. They are bringing the big guns too, retaining their $1 million prize pool, while also looking to up the competition with new teams.


The CS:GO league, which is a rival to ESL Pro League, will be returning to your screens on November 9. The competition this time will be hosted in Europe, taking place online with a studio broadcast.

Flashpoint Season 2 to boast $1 million prize pool

The big selling point of Flashpoint is its $1 million prize pool. With $500,000 going to the winner, winning Flashpoint can set teams up for the rest of the year.


There will be no format changes for Flashpoint Season 2. The three-phase points system, including three double-elimination groups of four, will remain as the format of choice. The top eight teams in the regular season will then progress to the double-elimination playoffs.

The tournament will still be held online, however. They are aiming to get all teams over to Europe to play, while also having the broadcast hosted out of the B Site studio in London.

“We’re eager to give our fans a raw and unfiltered CS:GO tournament series while still taking necessary precautions to keep players safe,” commissioner Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles said in a statement.

Flashpoint trophy on stage with MAD Lions logo
Flashpoint Season 1 champions MAD Lions will be returning to defend their title.

Flashpoint Season 2 teams

12 teams will compete in Flashpoint Season 2. Of those, 10 will be directly invited, while the remaining squads will make it in through two Open Qualifiers. The top four teams from each qualifier will then duke it out in a double-elimination bracket to decide the final two teams.

Seven squads from Season 1 are returning to the online competition, including Season 1 champions MAD Lions, finalist MIBR, and the new-look Cloud9. One notable omission is partner team FunPlus Phoenix, who are instead working on building for 2021 after their Season 1 disaster.

“Our plan is to take our time and focus on 2021. We don’t want to make any rushed decisions, as our main goal is to build a promising, long-lasting roster. We are currently in talks with several orgs and individual players,” general manager Petar Markovic said on October 6.


The list of confirmed teams are:

  • Cloud9
  • c0ntact
  • Dignitas
  • Envy
  • Gen.G
  • MAD Lions
  • MIBR

Flashpoint Season 2 will kick off on November 9.