Stewie2K confirms he almost joined Disguised alongside yay

stewie2k competing in CS:GO for Evil GeniusesJoão Ferreira/PGL

On his stream, former CSGO pro Jake ‘Stewie2K’ Yip discussed the teams he was in talks with and revealed that he tried out for Disguised alongside Jaccob ‘yay’ Whiteaker.

The Disguised roster could have had another popular player on its Valorant roster, according to Stewie2K. The ELEAGUE CS:GO Major 2018 winner revealed on his stream that he was trialing with Disguised along with yay as the team prepared for NA Challengers Split 2.

As he entertained an offer from FaZe Clan, Stewie2K was approached by Disguised coach Kyle ‘OCEAN’ O’Brien about trying out for the squad.

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“Knowing them more, it made me feel a little more comfortable,” Stewie2K said. “Then they asked me to trial and I trialed with them for two days and I felt like I did pretty well. After the trial I was messaging yay, kind of seeing what his thoughts were with me and he gave some good feedback.”

Stewie2K has ties with yay, OCEAN and Disguised in-game leader Joshua ‘steel’ Nissan as they were all veterans of the CS:GO scene before switching to Valorant.

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Stewie2K could have teamed up with yay on Disguised

Stewie2K said that yay was on board to play alongside him but that team was trialing other players. Eventually, OCEAN told him that he probably wasn’t going to make the cut.

“I think me and yay would have been a good lineup,” he said.

Stewie2K said he rejected FaZe and his other offers and that he was ‘just happy to have had the opportunity’ to try out for Disguised.

Disguised announced on April 10 the signing of yay in a move that is likely to bring more attention to the Challengers league. Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang, the team’s owner, has said that there might be one more change before Split 2 starts.

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Disguised will play their first match of the split on April 20 against Oxygen Esports.