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Riot responds to rumors Valorant will include League of Legends skins

Published: 13/Mar/2020 7:08

by Andrew Amos


Riot has addressed rumours upcoming FPS title Valorant will include weapon skins inspired by MOBA hit League of Legends, saying there are “no future plans to incorporate any ties” between the two games.

Rumors of the Runeterra universe from League crossing over into Valorant have been flying ever since the initial reveal of Project A at League 10.

From possible agents being taken from the League universe, to skins inspired by the MOBA sensation, there’s endless possibilities for a possible collaboration.

Riot Games
Valorant will be getting weapon skins, but they won’t be inspired by League of Legends.

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However, Riot has shut down all rumors that this will be happening, confirming that there are no ties between the two games.


Qwixzo, a reporter from IGN Benelux and Valorant YouTuber, confirmed that while he was told about the possibility of URF skins, the League of Legends icon will not be making an appearance in the FPS title.

“Riot has contacted me since and says they aren’t planning to bring URF or any League of Legends affiliated items to Valorant,” he said in a Reddit post. “They want to make it clear that Valorant will have no ties with League of Legends whatsoever.”

Qwixzo also attached comments from a Riot spokesperson, who said “Valorant has zero ties to League of Legends at this time [and] there are no future plans to incorporate any ties to League of Legends.”


I Need to correct something regarding the Nerf/URF skins from VALORANT

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This comes after Qwixzo reported that URF, the unofficial mascot for League of Legends, could be appearing in Valorant in a number of ways.

There was debate over whether the Golden Spatula would be transformed into a knife, or if other cosmetics would be inspired by the super-popular MOBA. However, Riot seems hellbent on keeping the two game’s universes separate for now.

One way of doing this is keeping Valorant grounded. Instead of making up an imaginative world for the FPS title, Riot are basing Valorant on Earth, designing characters from various countries and maps inspired by real-world locations, similar to Overwatch or Rainbow Six: Siege.


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Cosmetics will be coming to Valorant though in the form of weapon skins and possible agent skins, although players are yet to see what Riot has in store for them in that regard.

More details should be released before the game’s release in Summer 2020, with a beta test on its way, hopefully, in the coming weeks.