Hiko, steel & nitr0 on Valorant vs CSGO | Curveball Podcast #1 - Dexerto

Hiko, steel & nitr0 on Valorant vs CSGO | Curveball Podcast #1

Published: 24/Sep/2020 15:52

by Daniel Cleary


In Curveball’s debut episode, we spoke with Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin, Joshua ‘steel’ Nissan, and Nicholas ‘nitr0’ Cannella from 100 Thieves’ Valorant roster, where they weighed in on whether Riot’s FPS could be the CSGO killer and more.

Following questions over Valorant’s potential as an esport, and with many fans already dubbing Riot’s title “the CSGO killer,” we turned to the stacked 100 Thieves roster for their thoughts on the topic, during the first episode of the Curveball Podcast.

While it is yet not complete, the 100 Thieves lineup features some of the top personalities in CSGO, that have now made the switch over to Riot Games‘ tactical shooter, with each member now having first-hand experience competing in both titles.


Hiko also explained why 100 Thieves’ initial Valorant lineup, featuring himself and the former PUBG stars, didn’t quite work out as planned and the decisions they had to make to put this new squad together.

The pro players discussed these all these topics and much more, revealing just what changes they’d like to see implemented to make Valorant a tier-one esport.