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Game-breaking Valorant bug is making players fall through the map

Published: 23/May/2020 21:46

by Alan Bernal


A bug in Valorant can ruin someone’s round barely before it actually begins, as one player found an instance where they glitched underneath the map, plummeting to their demise.

As Riot’s tactical first-person shooter prepares for its official release, there’s been a few instances around the game that could be improved upon before the title comes out.

While there’s been reported bugs with things like Cypher’s camera or boosting with Viper’s Toxic Screen gas emitters, one glitch can cut a round short for people who find a strange spot on Bind that leaves them falling until they eventually get eliminated.


Coming across the bugged spot was Reddit user ‘Senor_Joey’ who was positioned toward the middle of the map near A link, waiting for Buy Phase barriers to come down.

They were hugging the barrier and waiting to get the first step on their opponent in the mid duel. But they were only able to make it a few steps into the round when a few frames later, their Sage could be seen underground.

Senor_Joey via Reddit
At least they were able to see the enemy Sage’s position before dying.

The baby blue sky that makes up the map’s background quickly filled the screen and that’s when Senor_Joey looked up to see the layout of the map above.


“I fell thru the map??” the player said later, baffled by the glitch that left them falling for a little more than 30 seconds before finally reappearing back in their own spawn.

For that brief period, they were helpless to do much of anything, as the kill feed started to light up since the round was underway and their team was navigating the 4v5.

I fell thru the map?? from VALORANT

Before the round actually started, the player can be seen with a “Network Problem” icon on the top right of their screen. It’s unknown if this gave way for the glitch, but connection issues have given rise to a host of problems in the game.


There’s been a lot of issues with Valoran’t connectivity, but the devs have already started focusing on fixing the issues – especially with the emergence of the bothersome hit reg issues.

Hopefully this isn’t a bug that more players come across, but even with rare instances like Senor_Joey’s clip, the devs are sure to look into it to prevent it from happening again.