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Clever Valorant rapid fire trick gets rid of shotgun reload time

Published: 10/May/2020 22:32

by Bill Cooney


A new Valorant exploit has been discovered that can drastically increase your fire rate with the Bucky shotgun, allowing you to chain shots without pausing to reload.

Valorant’s pump-action shotgun, known as the “Bucky”, packs a punch and only runs 900 credits, but it’s not a player favorite, in part because of it’s lengthy reload time once the magazine is spent.

However, a new trick has been found that basically removes the additional reload time from the weapon, turning it into an unstoppable rapid-fire machine.

Riot Games
The Bucky can pack quite a punch, and is relatively cheap at only 900 credits.

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A Valorant player by the name of ArfieCat is the one we have to thank for bringing this trick to our attention, which may or may not actually be “game-breaking” as they describe, but could definitely help you melt those annoying Sage walls.


Normally, there are 55 frames between each Bucky shot, and it takes over three valuable seconds to reload, which as we know is plenty of time for that annoying enemy Jett to swoop in and headshot you like it’s nothing.

Instead, if you reloading between every shot, your fire rate is still the same as just shooting normally, 55 frames between each, and you’re getting rid of the lengthy reload time, which basically means you could fire this way indefinitely.

I found a game-breaking exploit involving the Bucky. Video explains it. from VALORANT

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Like we said before, whether or not this neat little trick is actually “game-breaking” is definitely up for debate, in part because the Bucky doesn’t have the same playmaking capabilities as. say, the Operator does.


“This is not game-breaking at all. A fight will never last long enough that you finish a full clip with the Bucky lol,” one user replied.

“Sure it can save some time after a fight, but it isn’t winning rounds that easily on its own, it’s just a minor optimization.”

Riot Games
The humble Bucky, even with the reload exploit, still might not be a game-changer.

While this exploit might allow you to skip the annoying reload time, the Bucky is still a cheap, early-round weapon, so hedging your gameplan on it is definitely still a risk.