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Boaster: How a vlogger turned into Valorant’s best leader

Published: 25/Mar/2021 20:00 Updated: 26/Mar/2021 10:17

by Ava Thompson-Powell


Jake ‘Boaster’ Howlett has been all over the esports scene, starting out in Counter-Strike. There, he competed in B-tier tournaments across the UK. Recently, however, the Brit has transitioned to Valorant to become Fnatic’s newest rising star.

The star played his final competitive Counter-Strike series in 2018, before becoming a streamer under the EXCEL brand. Then he made the switch that would change his career forever.

Having dominated tournaments under the CeX banner, the competitor actually switched sides to the team that he beat in his last outing. This saw the star begin to frequently flip-flop between rosters, from CeX, to CaZ, to EXCEL.


Boaster found a home in EXCEL, though, even staying with them as he moved into streaming under their brand. This was truly the start of his time as an esports whiz.

When Valorant came along, however, the star was a perfect fit. With a new meta that still enabled him to utilize his undeniable FPS talent, he found himself competing in an invitational prior to its release, securing a win at his first tournament.

After some success with Absolute Legends after his first win, he became the new IGL for SUMN FC. Competing against the likes of Team Heretics, who dominated against Team Liquid and G2, they were an undoubtable mountain to climb.


Despite losing First Strike Europe, a second-place ranking still meant that they were ones to watch out for. In 2021, with new tournaments, the star still had more up his sleeve; taking down the likes of Monkey Business (now OG) in a decisive 2-nil win, but losing to the likes of Liquid

Now, he finds himself on European powerhouse Fnatic, when they dove into the Valorant scene. However, they failed to qualify at VCT’s first Masters event.

How will Boaster and co hold down the fort at VCT Stage 2? Keep it locked at Dexerto to find out.

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