Who did Joe kill in You? Full list of victims from Seasons 1-4

Joe wearing iconic hat in You Season 4Netflix

You Season 4 Part 2 has now finally arrived on Netflix, seemingly bringing Joe Goldberg’s (or Jonathan Moore as he is named in Season 4) tenure in London to an end, with another list of names killed in cold blood — and they’re added to what is becoming a very long list.

Joe quickly became one of the most interesting protagonists in television when the first season of You came to Netflix in December 2018, with Penn Badgley’s interpretation of the character providing a very Ted Bundy-esque feel, with his unhinged obsessions with women raising some serious red flags.

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Unfortunately for these women, his obsession with them isn’t often the biggest red flag, seeing as though they or someone they love usually end up dead — and he frequently gets away with it.

But who exactly has Joe killed throughout You? The list is even longer than you might expect.

Warning: You Season 4 spoilers ahead.

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All of Joe’s victims in You

Season 1

Joe and Beck in You Season 1Netflix
Joe’s first love interest in Season 1 was Beck. No clues to guess what happened to her.
  • Benji — Guinevere Beck’s boyfriend in Season 1, Joe killed Benji in Episode 2, using peanut oil and taking advantage of Benji’s allergy.
  • Peach — Beck’s best friend in Season 1 and someone who instantly disliked Joe the second he arrived on the scene. In Episode 6, she attempted to shoot Joe, who played dead before turning the gun on her. He framed it as suicide.
  • Elijah — The man Candace cheated on Joe with, killed before the events of Season 1 but revealed in Episode 9. He died by being pushed off of a building.
  • Ron — Joe’s neighbor Ron was abusive to his girlfriend Claudia and son Paco, whom Joe had befriended and come to be somewhat of a mentor for. Joe killed Ron in the season finale, alongside one other character…
  • Beck — Beck, the woman Joe had fallen instantly in love with the second he saw her while staring into her New York apartment, was killed at the end of Season 1. Trapped in his glass cage, she attempted to escape, but to no avail, ended up being choked to death by her Goldberg.

Season 2

Jenna Ortega in You Season 2 with Joe GoldbergNetflix
Jenna Ortega starred in Season 2 of You and came to be one of the reasons for Joe’s most important murder of the series.
  • Jasper — Joe, now known as Will in Season 2 after stealing someone’s identity, killed debt collector Jasper after he attacked the protagonist.
  • Henderson — Henderson, played by Chris D’Elia, preyed on young girls as a famous comedian. Joe ended up cornering Henderson and getting him to confess to his crimes on tape, before pushing him down a flight of stairs. This was also framed as a suicide.
  • Joe’s mom’s boyfriend — The unnamed boyfriend of Joe’s mother was Joe’s first victim, as shown in a flashback in one of the final episodes of Season 2. The boyfriend was violent towards his mother and, finally, Joe snapped, shooting the man and killing him in an attempt to save his mom.

Season 3

Joe and Love in Season 3 of YouNetflix
Joe and Love lasted a long time, but they met a sticky ending in Season 3.
  • Ryan — Marienne’s ex-husband Ryan had been making it difficult for Joe’s latest love interest to gain custody of her daughter, so Joe — now back under his real name — decided to take matters into his own hands. While avoiding murdering anyone for most of the season, Episode 9 finally saw him let loose, attempting to drug Ryan before pushing him out of a parking garage and stabbing him to death.
  • Love — Love Quinn, Joe’s wife and the mother of his child, was killed by Joe as they both made attempts to take each other’s lives. Joe, naturally, came out victorious, framing it as a murder-suicide.

Season 4

Joe Goldberg in You Season 4Netflix
Joe has become Jonathan Moore in Season 4.
  • Malcolm — Malcolm was found dead in Joe’s (now Jonathan’s) London apartment, though it initially looked like Joe hadn’t actually committed the murder this time around. This was, however, the first in a long line of deaths as the ‘Eat the Rich’ killer ran rampant.
  • Simon — After a drama-filled art exhibition where he showed off his new works, Simon was murdered by someone, fuelling the search for the ‘Eat the Rich’ killer.
  • Vic — Vic was Lady Phoebe’s driver and bodyguard and, when Joe thinks that Vic might be on to him, he was choked to death.
  • Gemma — When the whole group of friends took to Lady Phoebe’s manor for the weekend, it was all supposed to go swimmingly. Of course, though, Joe — even though he wasn’t even aware of his recent murderous streak — ended up killing her, though it looked at the time as though Kate may have been the one to land the blows.
  • Rhys — Joe spends the end of the first half of Season 4 convinced that Rhys Montrose is the killer, having attempted to kill him already while at the major. However, after going to Rhys’ house and killing him, he quickly realizes that he was miles off, and that that version of Rhys was just in his own head.
  • Tom Lockwood — Kate’s dad, Tom Lockwood is painted as evil personified, including by Kate herself. Finally, Joe takes matters into his own hands and ties up Tom before suffocating him with a plastic bag.
  • Hugo — Tom’s driver, and someone that was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, Hugo was stabbed repeatedly in the neck while coming to check on Tom.
  • Edward — Finally, Edward was the last murder of You Season 4. Nadia’s boyfriend was helping her to get to the bottom of Marienne and the glass cage she was stuck in. Knowing the two are onto him, Joe slashes Edward’s throat and Nadia is framed for it.

That brings the grand total of people Joe has killed up to 18, nearing ever closer to the 20 mark despite only taking two lives in Season 3.

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Somehow, he keeps getting away with it, with fans questioning how the law hasn’t caught up with him yet. That said, with a new life back in New York City with Kate, it’s certainly possible that there is more drama to come in the life of Joe Goldberg.

You Seasons 1-4 are streaming on Netflix. You can find out more about a possible Season 5 here and our other coverage here.

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