Superman actor hasn’t watched a single Superman film

Superman actors Christopher Reeve, Tyler Hoechlin and Henry CavillWarner Bros.

Superman & Lois star Tyler Hoechlin hasn’t watched a single Superman movie – but he has a good reason.

Hoechlin first starred as Superman in The CW’s Supergirl series, later making small appearances in The Flash, Arrow, Batwoman, and Legends of Tomorrow.

In 2021, he finally had his own home in Superman & Lois, following the Man of Steel grappling with all the stresses and duties of being a superhero while becoming a parent with Lois.

The show has been acclaimed since its debut, with many highlighting Hoechlin as one of the best actors to don the suit. Considering the decades-long history of the role, that’s already an achievement – but it’s even more amazing considering he hasn’t drawn inspiration from any of the past movies.

Tyler Hoechlin admits he wasn’t watched a single Superman movie

Hoechlin recently appeared at San Diego Comic-Con as part of the Teen Wolf: The Movie panel, having starred as a regular cast member in the original series.

While chatting about the new film, he was also asked about his experience of playing the hero in The CW, where he revealed he hasn’t seen a single live-action Superman movie, as per FandomWire.

However, it’s not because he’s not interested in them: he doesn’t want any past performance to affect or influence his own on the show.

Lois and Clark star says Hoechlin is the best Superman since Christopher Reeve

Alex Garfin, who plays Lois and Clark Kent’s son Jordan Kent, earlier praised Hoechlin’s performance in an interview with Looper. The actor believes he’s the best Superman since Christopher Reeve in the original 1978 movie.

Garfin said: “No, we really haven’t seen someone absolutely nail Clark and Superman since [Christopher] Reeve, and really, Tyler [Hoechlin], not watching people, he said that was his strategy, right?

“He said he never wanted to see any Superman. He doesn’t want to watch any Superman until this is all over. Then, he will watch it all to understand what everyone’s been talking about this whole time.”

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