Strong Girl K-drama series plans for Season 3 installment

Lee Yoo-mi in Strong Girl Nam-soon K-dramaJTBC

When it comes to K-drama classics every fan has watched, Strong Woman Do Bong-soon is one of them. The popular 2017 fantasy romance got a second installment in the “Strong Girl” series with JTBC in the works to develop a Season 3 installment.

Park Hyung-sik and Park Bo-young are irrevocably one of the most recognized K-dramas couples in history. The focus was on Do Bong-soon (Park) having superstrength passed down through the woman in her family. After the initial finale, fans wanted to see more of the couple, but JTBC had other ideas.

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The production company announced a Season 2, but continuing the family lineage of super strength through Bong-soon’s distant cousin. Strong Girl Nam-soon aired on Netflix in October 2023. Squid Game actor Lee Yoo-mi plays the title role of Gam Nam-soon. The characters also inherited super strength but was lost as a child in Mongolia.

Determined to find her parents, she ventures to Korea and finds herself helping investigate a dangerous new drug. The K-drama has done considerably well in ratings with JTBC planning a new installment.

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Strong Girl is in the works of getting a new installment

JTBC announced that thanks to the ongoing success of the original 2017 K-drama and Strong Girl Nam-soon, a Season 3 installment could happen.

According to Soompi, JTBC commented, “We have plans for another installment, but we are currently concentrating on writing another project.”

The K-drama has done considerably well in ratings, but some fans have had mixed reactions to its storyline and overall concept. Fans were originally hoping Season 2 to pick up where the 2017 K-drama left off as Bong-soon, now married to An Min-hyuk (Park), gave birth to twin daughters. They inadvertently inherited her powers. Instead, the two actors made a well-received cameo appearance in Strong Girl Nam-soon.

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With very few details about Season 3 of the Strong Girl series, fans can likely speculate it will focus on another family member with the same powers. So far, fans are not 100% on board with JTBC’s decision of a third installment.

One fan on X (Twitter) commented, “Makers it’s a request please take same cast of season 1.”

Another said, “Do bong soon? YES! gang nam soon? NO!”

Many fans have similar thoughts that the first season was the best, with the second not being a fan favorite due to its heavy drug storyline. Others felt Season 2 didn’t focus enough on the main couple compared to Strong Woman Do Bong-soon.

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