Legend of Korra finally joining Avatar on Netflix in August

Bill Cooney

[jwplayer mgzBNoPb]It’s a very good day for Avatar fans, because it’s been officially announced that The Legend of Korra will be joining the original series on Netflix later this summer in August.

The Legend of Korra takes place in the same world/universe as the original Avatar: The Last Airbender series, but is set 60 years after the adventures of Aang and the gang, focusing on the new Water Tribe Avatar Korra.

The Last Airbender was added to Netflix earlier in the summer and has since proven to be one of the streaming service’s most popular shows –  and thankfully, fans won’t have to wait long to watch the follow-up series, either.

The Legend of Korra will officially be coming to Netflix on August 14 for viewers in the United States. No details have been provided for other regions, so if you’re not in the U.S., it’s probably safe to assume you’ll have a bit longer of a wait.

Even though it’s set 60 years in the future following the original Avatar series, we still get a few cameos from characters like Toph, Aang, everyone’s favorite uncle Iroh and more.

The Legend of Korra also has four distinct storylines, as opposed to the singular storyline we saw through the Last Airbender.

We won’t spoil anything for you here, but let’s just say Korra will be taking on much more varied enemies than just the legions of the Fire Nation that Aang, Sokka and Katara had to contend with.

NickelodeonThe sequel to The Last Airbender first aired in 2012 and is now finally coming to Netflix.

There’s an almost never-ending debate about which series is “better:” The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra, and those arguments would be enough for a series of articles on their own, so we’ll just let you decide for yourself which one you prefer.

Based on how well The Last Airbender has been doing on Netflix, it’s no surprise that they decided to add Legend of Korra as well, and the August 14 release date gives us plenty of time to rewatch the original series before setting off on a whole new adventure.

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