True crime fans recommend Netflix doc after Karen Read verdict

Daisy Phillipson
Karen Read during murder trial

Amid a new twist in the Karen Read trial that’s taken the TikTok true crime community by storm, there’s a Netflix documentary series well worth adding to your watchlist that gives context to the case.

For better or worse, the cybersleuths have been busy with their latest true crime obsession, centering around Boston police officer John O’Keefe, who was found dead in the snow in January 2022. 

His girlfriend, Karen Read, was put on trial for the murder in April, which resulted in a mistrial on July 1 after the jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict. 

While prosecutors have argued that an intoxicated Read drove into O’Keefe and fled the scene, the defense believes she’s been framed by corrupt officials who are responsible for the murder. 

Given the divisive nature of the case and the loud chatter online, true crime fans have recommended giving Netflix’s The Octopus Murders a watch. 

Although it’s about a totally separate subject, focusing on photojournalist Christian Hansen as he dives into a multi-faceted conspiracy theory, the docu-series perfectly illustrates the difficulty of finding the truth in the face of so many conflicting ideas. 

Amid the ongoing debate surrounding Read’s trial, one person took to Reddit to say, “I want to care but the majority of the coverage is one side screaming about a cover up drowning out any ability to generate an opinion. So now I just don’t care.”

In response, another said, “There’s a good documentary on Netflix, The Octopus Murders, where the filmmakers talk about how one of the most difficult parts of covering something like this is once the conspiracy crowd gets their hooks in it becomes so difficult to cover.

“Because even if you’re right that there’s a cover up, the conspiracy crowd will view EVERYTHING as part of a cover-up, making it hard to separate legit info from conspiratorial ramblings. That’s this case to a tee.”

A third agreed, writing, “The Octopus Murders is a really good example of this case. We’ll probably never really know the truth because of a mix of incompetence and/or malice. 

“Like with the first part of the Octopus Murders – did the guy kill himself or not? Probably did, but the way they handled the suicide certainly leaves a lot of doubt. And the rest of that story is a mix of true and false stuff too.”

Alongside The Octopus Murders, you can learn more about the cybersleuthing phenomenon and the issues it poses to police investigations in docu-series such as Cybersleuths: The Idaho Murders and They Called Him Mostly Harmless

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