Glass Onion ending explained – does it have a post-credits scene?

Daniel Craig in Glass OnionNetflix

Glass Onion, the Knives Out sequel hitting Netflix next month, is in cinemas now – here’s our breakdown of the movie’s ending, and whether or not it has a post-credits scene.

In early screenings of Glass Onion, Rian Johnson delivered a message à la The Mouse Trap to the audience, asking them not to spoil the “big surprise” at the end of the movie.

By nature, whodunnits hinge on the power of their reveal, even if their reveal is designed to be anti-climactic, like Bodies Bodies Bodies. We are living in the age of spoiler paranoia, but murder mysteries get a pass – their endings are spoilers in the truest sense of the word.

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Take this is a warning: not only will this article reveal the reveal, but it will comprehensively break down what happens at the end of Glass Onion, as well as answer if there’s a post-credits scene – so, if you’ve not seen it, go away. You can also read our review here.

Spoilers for Glass Onion to follow…

Does Glass Onion have a post-credits scene?

No, Glass Onion does not have a post-credits scene.

While Netflix has already greenlit a third Knives Out instalment, there isn’t any tease after the credits, so if you’re not the type to sit through the credits, feel free to get off your backside or turn it off.

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Glass Onion ending explained

In the first half of Glass Onion, we’re under the impression that Benoit Blanc has been invited to Miles Bron’s Greek island to take part in his murder mystery game, along with his friends: Claire Debella (Kathryn Hahn); Lionel Toussaint (Leslie Odom Jr.); Duke Cody (Dave Bautista); Birdie Jay (Kate Hudson); and Andi Brand (Janelle Monáe).

We soon learn that more is at play: Benoit was hired by Andi’s twin sister Helen after she was murdered, and she’s posing as her sister at the get-together. She believes Andi was killed by someone in the group after she found a napkin which proved her to be the brains of Miles’ multi-billion dollar empire, which would make them all guilty of perjury after testifying in Miles’ favor.

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Glass Onion castNetflix

Miles and Andi were once partners, but they fell out over his reckless pursuit of Klear, a hydrogen energy source developed from seawater that could turn any house into the Hindenburg in the event of a fire.

Not realizing it isn’t Andi at his party, Miles tries to shoot Helen under the cover of an island-wide blackout, but the bullet hits a book in her top pocket, saving her life. Before anyone sees, she applies some Jeremy Renner hot sauce to her chest and plays dead, while Benoit escorts everyone back inside.

As you’d expect, the detective then runs everyone through his vast, deceptively simple deductions, which all boil down to a simple fact: Miles is an idiot, and he stole the company from Andi when she couldn’t prove it was all her idea.

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Janelle Monae in Glass OnionNetflix

Then, Helen appears, miraculously back from the dead – in his eyes, of course. She walks up to him and shows him the napkin, rendering everyone’s testimony false… but in a flash, he sets it alight. After all this, his friends still support him, so Andi’s sister starts smashing his glass gallery to bits, and her anger is contagious enough for everyone else to join in.

This isn’t wanton destruction, though: she creates a fire and throws a little block of Klear on it, causing his Glass Onion to explode. “Congratulations on the public launch of Klear,” she tells him, and his friends finally side with Andi’s sister.

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“Did you get the son-of-a-bitch?” Benoit asks, sitting by the beach. “Yeah,” she replies.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is in cinemas now, ahead of its release on Netflix on December 23.