Dakota Johnson calls Madame Web meme “silly” in “awkward” interview

Gabriela Silva
Madame Web sequel

The initial trailer for Madame Web had fans hooked on a specific line said by Dakota Johnson that became a viral meme – but the actor doesn’t find it particularly funny.

Dakota Johnson joins Sony’s Spider-Man Universe as Cassandra “Cassie” Webb, a paramedic who develops clairvoyant abilities after an accident. She must confront her past while helping three young women with unique powers against an evil enemy.

When the initial trailer for Madame Web was released, fans were intrigued by the overall storyline but soon focused on one particular line. Johnson’s character says, “He was in the Amazon with my mom when she was researching spiders, right before she died.”

A seemingly simple line became a viral meme on social media due to its awkward delivery and choppiness. While doing press for the movie, Johnson admits she doesn’t see the point of the meme.

Dakota Johnson addresses the viral meme

In a TikTok video posted by The Huffington Post, the interviewers asked Johnson about her thoughts on the Madame Web meme. She looked perplexed by what the interviewer was asking and wanted to know why the line she said in the trailer went viral.

Per the meme, the line in the trailer appeared to have been chopped and edited for the trailer, leaving it to sound misconstrued and inorganic for someone to say. The interviewer tried to explain that Johnson’s line went viral because it seemed “out of context.”

“But isn’t any sentence out of context, out of context? What a silly thing,” said the actor before reciting the line herself. “That seems like a basic storyline to me, but maybe I’m just underneath it.”

Fans couldn’t help but comment on the awkwardness of the interview and Johnson’s apparent distaste for the conversation. While others praised Johnson as they found nothing wrong with the line. Some fans felt the interviewer didn’t explain the meme at all.

“Why would the interviewer bring this up and then not follow through? This was just an awkward watch,” said one fan on TikTok.

“He didn’t want to say the line was a*s,” said one fan on X/Twitter. With another saying, “Haha, he’s not even explaining the 2nd half of the meme, so there’s no context for it either.”

One fan praised the actor by saying, “I’m glad she treated that question with the contempt it deserved.”

“This just shows how interviews to actors and directors, about memes or internet culture, will be easily forgotton, just like a meme. It ain’t relevant nor offers meaning,” commented one fan.

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