Madame Web’s most infamous line isn’t even in the movie

Daisy Phillipson
Still from the Madame Web trailer

Despite being responsible for 99% of the memes, Madame Web’s most infamous line isn’t even in the movie. 

Madame Web made her debut in the 1980 Marvel comic, The Amazing Spider-Man #210, as a clairvoyant who helps Peter Parker when he needs it the most. Now, she’s set to make her live-action debut in the new Sony’s Spider-Man Universe movie. 

The film sees Dakota Johnson take on the eponymous role, while Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O’Connor, and Isabela Merced star as two Spider-Women and a Spider-Girl. Madame Web is tasked with protecting the trio against a shadowy threat. 

It’s yet another SSU entry in which the famed web-slinger isn’t present, and much like Morbius, it’s fast become one of the most memed movies of the year. While this was all down to an infamous line, it looks like it hasn’t made the final cut. 

Madame Web’s most infamous line isn’t even in the movie

Madame Web caused quite the stir when its trailer dropped last year, as Dakota Johnson delivered the unexpected line: “He was in the Amazon with my mom when she was researching spiders, right before she died.” However, this isn’t even in the movie. 

Between its clunky placement and Johnson’s deadpan delivery, the quote quickly became a meme template. Madame Web faced widespread ridicule, much like its predecessor Morbius back in 2022.

Morbius attempted to laugh with audiences – Sony brought the film back to theaters after it went viral, while lead star Jared Leto shared a hilarious clip in which he appeared to be reading a script for the sequel. When the camera panned over, the title read “Morbius 2: It’s Morbin’ Time.”

But it appears Madame Web doesn’t want to join in on the fun, or it at least took the reaction into account – numerous sources that have seen the film have confirmed the full line didn’t make it. 

As stated by IGN: “Only a portion of it – ‘she was researching spiders’ – makes it to the final cut.” The news has received plenty of reaction, with one Redditor writing: “Sony saw the memes and was like no.”

However, some see it as a misstep given it may help to drive ticket sales. “I mean this one line single-handedly shaped a lot of people’s opinions about the film,” said another. “For it to not even be in the movie is hilarious. Just a massive mistake on Sony’s part.”

“And now I have negative one reasons to see it,” added a third, while a fourth chimed in, “Dammit me and my friend were gonna die when we saw that line in theaters, my guess is that it was gonna be in the movie until they saw the feedback from the trailer.”

If you still want to give Madame Web a go, it’s available in cinemas from today (February 14). 

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