Willy Wonka’s The Unknown actress dishes out on disastrous viral experience

Meera Jacka
Willy Wonka's The Unknown actress dishes out on viral disastrous experience

Another cast member from Glasgow’s disastrous Willy Wonka event is speaking out, this time giving viewers a peek behind The Unknown’s mysterious mask.

Glasgow’s “immersive experience” has been the talk of the internet after attendees paid £35 ($44) to wonder about a mostly empty warehouse with sparse decorations and limited candy.

The ‘Willy’s Chocolate Experience’ event was advertised as an invitation to “indulge in a chocolate fantasy like never before,” but left ticket buyers less than impressed.

More and more cast members are speaking out about their brief time on the production before it was swiftly shut down. The latest to dish out tea is none other than the young actress behind the iconic and unexpected additional character, ‘The Unknown.’

While many have claimed to have been behind the mask, only one has come with receipts and was seen in previous cast photos: Felicia. Taking to her TikTok account, Felicia revealed what it was like on set and just how The Unknown came into existence.

In her first video, Felicia revealed she landed the role after being approached by the House Of Illuminati and was originally set to be “one of the Wonkas.” However, not liking the script she was given, Felicia got cast as The Unknown when she showed up on opening day.

In a second TikTok, Felicia revealed the cast was given no script on the day of the event and told instead to improvise. Praising her costars, she said, “I am 16 and it was my first ever paid acting job and I was quite nervous, but the actors were so, so lovely and they took me right under their wing.”

“The only direction that I got given was to act creepy so I tried to imagine what a man living in the walls should be like,” Felicia continued. “Some people loved it, some people hated it, some people were left traumatized, some people had no clue what was going on — including myself.”

Describing the experience and its notoriety as a “fever dream,” Felicia claimed in a third TikTok that the event included “zero preparation” with no rehearsal and only vague directions.

Nonetheless, she stated the cast had grown close and had been supporting one another since the event’s unexpected sudden fame.

Felicia also revealed that her character, The Unknown was originally planned to have had a final showdown with Wonka himself. However, the plot point “got scrapped” after a “giant hoover” needed for the fight did not exist on set.

With The Unknown becoming an iconic part of the disastrous event, Felicia encouraged her followers to help create some lore surrounding the new character.

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