Florida lawmakers consider TikTok ban in all public schools

TikTok ban lawmakers floridaTikTok

Florida lawmakers are discussing plans for a TikTok ban in K-12 schools following concerns for student safety and emotional health, as many believe the social media app is preventing social development.

TikTok has been at the center of many controversial conversations over the past several years. From the app spreading dangerous “challenges” that have encouraged children to engage in potentially deadly activities to inciting trends like car theft, it hasn’t all been funny dances and cat videos.

However, worries about the use of TikTok in educational settings have been mounting in many states across the US. Examples include Idaho banning the app on state-issued devices and networks, as well as talk of barring the app from public schools entirely in other states.

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With concerns surrounding the app continuously building, other areas are seriously considering removing social media apps in educational settings, including the state of Florida.

Condensation on a window with the TikTok logoUnsplash: Clem Onojeghuo

Florida lawmakers want TikTok ban, calling it a “distraction”

A breakdown shared on Fox News explained that several lawmakers are moving for a TikTok ban in K-12 schools. Florida State Senator Danny Burgess introduced Senate Bill 52 with the desire to remove the app from classrooms to prevent distractions in the learning environment.

Additionally, State Representative Brad Yeager has also proposed a bill for a TikTok ban. However, the bills don’t just target TikTok, with the majority of social media applications included in the list of what would be barred in schools statewide.

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While concerns for child safety and classroom productivity are good reasons to consider a TikTok ban, removing the app from school devices and barring its use on personal laptops and cell phones won’t stop children from using them outside of school.

At this time, it isn’t clear if the bills will pass, but there will likely be more information regarding a TikTok ban in Florida schools in the coming weeks.