Rapper Logic reveals how he “conned” his way into The Last of Us Part 2

Logic with The Last of Us 2 backgroundInstagram: Logic/Naughty Dog

Popular US rapper Bobby Hall, better known as Logic, has explained how he “conned” his way into a role in The Last of Us 2, after being a huge TLOU fan for years.

Logic is someone who’s never shied away from showing his love of video games and the entire culture surrounding them. He’s worked extensively with FaZe Clan, livestreamed his gameplay on Twitch, and just generally spoken a lot about his passion for gaming.

With The Last of Us now hitting our television screens with the highly-anticipated, well-reviewed TV adaptation, Logic has come out to speak a bit about his history with the series, and explain how he ended up working on it, too.

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Logic claimed that he has beaten the game around 15 times since it first launched in 2013, proving just how much he loves it, and has an emotional connection to it unlike many others.

So, he said, he met with Neil Druckmann, the co-president of TLOU developer Naughty Dog, and decided to try his luck by asking to be in a game, saying he would even “play a trash can” if the opportunity presented itself.

While Logic initially auditioned to voice Jesse in The Last of Us Part 2, Logic revealed that he actually received a call from Naughty Dog saying that they had written a part just for him.

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As Small Rattler, Logic attempts to scare protagonist Ellie, who goes on to feed him to a Clicker and steal his suppressed SMG, which Logic proudly claims is the best gun in the game.

The rapper is clearly super proud of his work on The Last of Us, calling the experience of being in the world “surreal” considering how much of a fan he has been all these years.

While he might not have exactly “conned” his way into the game, it’s fair to say that Logic saw an opportunity during his meeting with Druckmann and he took it, and it all worked out for the best.

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