TPain calls reality “mundane” after getting an Apple Vision Pro

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Popular music artist TPain jokingly slammed the “mundane” graphics of reality in a viral video showing him walking around in public wearing the Apple Vision Pro headset.

Released to the public on February 2, 2024, The Apple Vision Pro has taken the internet by storm with how people are reacting when they put it on for the first time.

We’ve seen a variety of people walking around streets while using their favorite apps, while some have been spotted using the headset while using autopilot on their Tesla.

TPain was quick to buy an Apple Vision Pro himself and reacted to it in a viral clip on TikTok.

TPain slams “mundane” reality after Apple Vision Pro purchase

In the clip, TPain can be seen walking around in public while wearing his Apple Vision Pro headset. He shared a few choice thoughts about his nearly $4,000 purchase and says he’s going to wear it everywhere.

“Y’all thought y’all was gonna leave me in this mundane, boring, no color havin ass reality,” he said. “Y’all ain’t leavin me behind in this terrible looking world. I’m gone forever… I’m wearing this b*tch everywhere.

“Y’all shut down Google Glass because ya’ll said ain’t nobody gonna wear them glasses and now look at what we’re left with.”

His video quickly went viral, and many fans took to the comments to share their thoughts.

One user joked: “feel disrespected how he chuckled at “gather up that 4 grand” it’s like he knows I’m not, I can’t.”

“Pain is the only person wearing this that it doesnt look doofy,” another said.

A third viewer commented: “I’d wear this if it didn’t have that cord. the cord would drive me insane.”

TPain isn’t the first celebrity to share their thoughts about the Apple Vision Pro on social media since its release, either. Twitch star Kai Cenat recently unboxed his on stream and had quite a hilarious reaction.

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