SteamOS update adds support for new OLED model & more

Rebecca Hills-Duty
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The latest update for SteamOS not only brings official support for Steam Deck OLED, but also a Steam Client update and color rendering update for the original Steam Deck.

It has been a significant week for Steam Deck users, after the chaotic launch of the Steam Deck OLED comes the rollout of the latest version of SteamOS, along with a new version of the Steam Client, and a host of other changes, fixes, and updates.

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The most significant changes are, of course, related to the Steam Deck OLED. SteamOS 3.5 introduces official support for the new version of the Steam Deck but also adjusts the default color rendering of the original Steam Deck in order to emulate the warmer and more vibrant color palette offered by the sRGB of the Steam Deck OLED.

Changes, fixes, and updates for SteamOS and Steam Client

Other changes and updates include:

  • HDR settings for external displays.
  • VRR can be enabled for external displays.
  • Fixed an issue where certain workloads would exhibit severe CPU performance issues unless SMT was manually disabled.
  • Auto-mounting of external drives.
  • Improved Bluetooth connection stability, especially with multiple controllers.
  • Upgraded graphics drivers with lots of performance and compatibility improvements.
  • An updated Arch Linux package base.
  • Upgraded KDE Plasma desktop to 5.27
steam deck oledValve

In addition, the Steam Client has also been updated, which includes a range of improvements and fixes taken from the Beta branches of the Desktop and Steam Deck versions of the Steam Client. Among the updates is an ability to allow local game content transfers from a plugged-in Steam Deck to other Steam clients that are on the same LAN. The Soundtracks page has had an overhaul of the layout, making it easier to navigate in Big Picture mode. More detailed information regarding controller support has been added to the client, such as details on specific controller and VR support in the Library.

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The full changelog for SteamOS 3.5.5 and the Steam Client can be found on the Steam store pages for SteamOS and Steam Client.

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