Steam Deck users shocked after owner reports mysterious “dust mite” infestation

Dylan Horetski
Close-up of the right thumb-stick of the Steam Deck.

Steam Deck users were left shocked after an owner revealed that they had a mysterious “dust mite” infestation in their device despite them being impossible to see.

Ever since Valve launched the Steam Deck back in 2022, users across social media have shared a variety of different unique issues they’ve had with the handheld.

Back in February 2024, one user took to Reddit with claims their Steam Deck was ‘possessed’ while another accidentally stepped on theirs following a tea break.

One owner has taken to Reddit with claims their device was infested with “dust mites,” leaving many shocked in the process.

User reports “dust mite” infestation in Steam Deck

In a post on the Steam Deck subreddit, user whalecat_of_the_sea says that they left their Steam Deck in a dusty corner of their room and it got infested with “dust mites.”

They went on to explain that they took it with them to the airport, and the x-ray machine “fried those little sh*ts.”

The post quickly gained traction with others due to the dust mite claims, with many sharing that they’re microscopic in size and therefore impossible to be seen.

It’s been upvoted 264 times in the hours since the post went live, and almost 100 people have taken to the comments with their thoughts.

“I’m sorry but what? Dust mites are microscopic and are generally omnipresent anyway. Unless you’re checking your Steam Deck with a microscope then what you’re seeing are not dust mites lol,” one user replied.

Another said: “Dude is referring to mold mites. Clearly they have a moldy house and should get it cleaned up.”

“Pretty sure the xray scanner at the airport isn’t “frying” anything, and also those aren’t dust mites, you have some sort of actual infestation. Clean up your life, man,” a third commented.

This user’s Steam Deck is far from the first bug-infested piece of tech as well as an ant-infested Dreamcast controller recently went viral online.