Save big on the viral Arzopa portable monitor in Amazon deal

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Arzopa portable monitor

The Arzopa portable monitor has been viral on TikTok Shop for all of 2024, but Amazon is where you can save big on it.

Whether you need a second monitor for your Macbook Air or need a monitor for a temporary game console setup, portable monitors are among the best things to buy.

They’re compact, thin, and easy to throw in a backpack to bring with you anywhere in the world. The Arzopa portable monitor is a great option, sporting a 1080p resolution with 60Hz refresh rate and a low, low price.

You can save more than 26% off MSRP on the Arzopa Portable Monitor on Amazon in its latest deal.

You may recognize it from TikTok

Back when the TikTok Shop launched in 2023, creators from all over the US took to the platform with videos promoting the latest and greatest products.

Among those first viral tech products is the Arzopa Portable Monitor, and TikTokers took to the platform to share their favorite uses for it.

The most obvious, of course, is using it to extend your laptop or computer monitor, but many found other uses for it.

A large chunk of people bought the portable monitor to use with their favorite game consoles, whether it be the Nintendo Switch, PS5, or even an Xbox Series S. It gives many people who are low on space the ability to have their game console hooked up to a bigger screen.

It’s HDMI and USB-C compatible for video out and will work on nearly everything you plug it into.

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