Save almost $200 on this RTX 3060 from MSI ahead of Black Friday

Black Friday Deals MSI 3060 ventus x2MSI/Dexerto

Looking for a new graphics card for your favorite PC gamer? MSI is offering a massive deal on their RTX 3060 on Amazon just ahead of Black Friday.

Nvidia has launched graphics cards for the entire RTX 40 series lineup throughout 2023, bringing some of the best performance possible to gamers around the world.

For those on a budget who don’t need the latest and greatest hardware, however, MSI has taken care of you.

Available with a massive $190 savings, the MSI RTX 3060 Ventus 2x is one of the best options available at the price.

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What graphics card should you buy?

When it comes to what GPU you purchase for your latest PC build, there isn’t really a definitive answer as it revolves around your needs and wants with your PC.

If you’re looking to play the latest AAA games on your PC in a high resolution and refresh rate, you’ll want to save up and splurge for something like a 4080 or higher. This will allow you to reach your preferred performance while keeping up with games for longer than the lower models.

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For those just looking to play the occasional indie game or plan on using their computer for light photo editing and office-style work, something like the RTX 3060 would be great.

With heavier photo editing and video editing at a high resolution, you’ll want to go for one of the higher model graphics cards like the 4080 or 4090.

Looking for more deals? We’ve got you covered over on Dexerto’s tech section, or, you can see from the wider world of gamesmovies, and more elsewhere on the site.

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