Nintendo Switch 2 to use 8-inch LCD display according to analyst

Scott Baird
Woman holding a red & blue Nintendo Switch

An analyst claims that the successor to the Nintendo Switch will be using an 8-inch LCD screen rather than an OLED display.

The rumors regarding the next Nintendo Switch are picking up steam, and while Nintendo has yet to announce the system formally, it feels like a reveal is imminent, especially in the face of a dry year for the current console.

One of the main sources of Nintendo Switch 2 rumors comes from hardware manufacturers, with stories of Nintendo seeking components and a supply chain for its next system, offering tantalizing glimpses at its power and price.

The current Nintendo Switch has two main variants: the original LCD model from 2017 and the OLED model from 2021. The OLED version had a much nicer screen, but didn’t offer anything new in terms of power, being better suited for portable mode players.

nintendo switch oled model being placed in dock with joycon controller in front.

Nintendo Switch 2 rumored to use LCD screen

A new report from Bloomberg quoting Omdia analyst Hiroshi Hayase states that the Nintendo Switch successor will use an 8-inch LCD screen rather than the OLED used by the later model. This information comes from information based on annual forecasts on checks with companies in the supply chain.

If the rumor is true, then it’s a step back in visual quality compared to the OLED Switch, though it’s likely more of a cost-cutting measure than anything, as LCD screens are cheaper to purchase en masse.

The fact that the Nintendo Switch 2 will compete with the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S means that Nintendo has every incentive to keep entry costs low for the new console and save an OLED model further down the road as it did with the base system.

It also bears mentioning that an 8-inch screen would make the Nintendo Switch 2 bigger than both variants of the original system. The OLED Switch has a 7-inch screen, which means the new system might be stretching the definition of a portable system.

The LCD Nintendo Switch 2 screen information should be treated as a rumor for now. Hopefully, all of the conjecture will lead to a formal unveiling soon, with Nintendo finally ending the speculation about its next system.

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