Massive iPhone 15 Pro Max flaw appears in JerryRigEverything durability test

Carver Fisher
jerryrigeverything durability test iPhone 15 Pro MaxJerryRigEverything

JerryRigEverything put the iPhone 15 Pro Max through its paces in the same durability test he gives other phones, and, while it looked promising at first, his testing displayed a critical flaw with the phone.

Finding ways to make smartphones durable has been just as much of a priority for manufacturers as improving performance over the years, and Apple has been known for making strides in this area.

Phone case or otherwise, Apple phones can take a beating. Even if the screen gets some cracks here and there and ends up getting dropped, most iPhones keep working even after being put through the wringer.

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The iPhone 15 Pro Max appeared to be much the same story as JerryRigEverything was testing the phone’s durability, but it failed spectacularly when he put pressure on the phone’s back glass.

iPhone 15 Pro Max back glass buckles with minimal effort

Things started off pretty well with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. While JerryRigEverything was skeptical of their claim that it’s machined from Grade 5 Titanium, the phone itself held up well to the scratch test.

He was able to take the finish off the sides of the phone with a knife, but the screen itself as well as all the cameras held up very well under duress.

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However, a critical flaw emerged when JerryRigEverything decided to bend the phone with just his hands to see how it’d fare. And, while the phone itself didn’t give, the back glass almost immediately shattered.

After less than a second of putting pressure on the phone’s back, the glass gave way. While this doesn’t affect the function of the iPhone 15 Pro Max itself, it’s not great for a brand-new phone to buckle so easily in a way that simulates a pretty practical amount of pressure to be put under the phone.

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For those who keep their phone in their back pocket, that amount of pressure could be put on the phone in everyday use.

What’s more, the normal iPhone 15 Pro survived the same test with no problems. This issue seems to exclusively be a problem with the Pro Max.

Again, this isn’t a problem that would interfere with the phone’s functionality, but having sharp glass shards on the back of your phone isn’t exactly ideal.

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