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Marques Brownlee explains why Samsung Galaxy Z Flip isn’t worth the money

Published: 13/Feb/2020 12:32 Updated: 7/Apr/2020 11:58

by Jacob Hale


Popular tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee has explained why Samsung’s next cellphone, the Galaxy Z Flip, isn’t worth its big price tag ahead of its February 14 release date.

The Galaxy Z Flip brings flip-phones back into the current day, optimizing the old style of fold-down cellphones with a folding touch screen that looks like a mixture of nostalgia and futuristic technology rolled into one.


A voice of expertise in the field given the amount of time and effort he has put into growing his YouTube channel around tech content, Brownlee has explained why he has mixed feelings about the Galaxy Z Flip – and why it might not be worth its near-$1400 price tag.

YouTube: Marques Brownlee
The Galaxy Z Flip is set to be Samsung’s flagship folding phone.

Marques starts off by saying that he’s only had the phone in-hand for about 30 minutes, so it may be that it’s hard to get a full idea of what to expect from it in that time, but the first thing he says is that it’s “easily one of the most polished and mature folding phones yet.”


But, he goes on to explain that it “has a long way to go to be something I would actually buy” because it still has flaws.

He compares the phone to another flagship product, the Motorola Razr, and seems to prefer Samsung’s output, but insinuates that the Razr is somewhat underwhelming itself, calling it a “flagship phone without flagship specs.”

One of the first drawbacks that Brownlee mentions is the crease. Though he’s a fan of the use of ultra-thin glass over plastic, he says that the crease that comes as a result of folding the phone is visible from a lot of different angles and that when scrolling you’re “constantly going over it” with your finger.


He also says that the front-screen functionality (while folded) isn’t great in comparison to the Razr, and only really useful for checking the time and seeing notifications.

He does, though, explain that the hinge of the folding screen is “the best hinge he’s seen yet,” and that Samsung have obviously learned about how to get the hinge right, especially as it’s so important for folding phones.

Finally, Brownlee says that while it’s fascinating, and continues to discuss some of its stronger qualities, he’s not sure it’s worth the $1,380 price tag.


As far as folding phones go, it seems the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip might have the edge right now, but that cost could put a lot of people off making the switch.


How to watch Apple’s iPhone 12 launch event: livestream, what to expect

Published: 7/Oct/2020 13:27

by David Purcell


Apple have finally confirmed that an iPhone 12 launch event will be taking place in October, and here’s how to watch along. 

With iOS 14 now up and running for users, it was only a matter of time before Apple would pull the trigger on their next series of smartphone. Now, they have confirmed the time and place we can expect to see it for the very first time.


Their last event, in September, focused mostly on the next evolution of Apple Watches.

The iPhone 11 released back in September 2019, so there’s been quite the gap since we’ve seen new phone technology from Apple. So, let’s take a look at when it will start and what to expect now that we know it’s finally being unveiled.


iPhone 12 event

Apple iPhone 12 event start time

Screenshots of online invitations have been flooding the internet since they first started appearing, seen below from Tech Radar’s David Lumb.

As seen in the post, the iPhone event starts up on October 13 at 10am PDT (1pm ET, 6pm BST, 7pm CEST).

How to watch iPhone 12 Apple stream

The broadcast will be going live at the aforementioned time on, so all you need to do is visit their website to get a glimpse. The events are also be streamed on YouTube, embedded below.


No doubt, however, thousands of people will be posting images of it onto your timelines during the event. You can also add the date and time to your calendar on your current device, using the invitation itself – if you received the alert.

What to expect from iPhone 12 event

According to TechRadar, there could be four phones revealed during the course of the event. This would break the trend of recent years, where it’s all been centered around a single flagship with a Plus or Pro version to boot. Though, we don’t have long to wait to find out if this is accurate.

The title of the event is actually “Hi, Speed” so we should expect to see a first look at Apple’s integration of 5G.


There’s also been reports – such as that of The Verge – which notes the tech giants are working towards the release of self-healing screen technology, where it smoothens out cracks in high heat scenarios. While not confirmed for this event, potentially we may also get a sneak peek at that as well.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.