Killer GPU deal nets you $100 on Steam with new graphics card

GPU deal

Micro Center, the purveyor of all good electronics and PC parts, has a fantastic new deal that bundles $100 Steam gift cards with an RTX GPU.

There’s a great new deal at Micro Center for nearly 80 different GPUs. The retailer is now bundling in a $100 Steam gift card with every order, including the latest RTX 4070 GPU.

This deal actually brings the RTX 4070 down to $499 if you really break it down. On top of this, for fans of Overwatch 2, there’s an included Ultimate Battle Pass and 1000 coins to use in the game with select models of Nvidia cards.

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Nvidia’s GPU offering has been a little on the expensive side since the launch of the RTX 40-series. However, prices have begun to drop a little bit, especially after Nvidia threw cryptocurrencies under the bus.

The RTX 4070, which we were pleasantly surprised by, hasn’t sold especially well. If you’re one of those after an upgrade to the current generation, you shouldn’t find it too hard to get it.

Micro Center deal bundles $100 Steam card with RTX 40-series GPUs

RTX 4070 in boxDexerto

However, due to the way that Micro Center works, you might need to double-check that you have a store nearby. To prevent mass sellouts like those currently interfering with stock on Best Buy or Amazon, Micro Center has kept a vast majority of GPUs limited to in-store sales or pick-up only.

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If you’ve none around you, you can still get in on the deal with the PNY RTX 4070. It’s available online, and despite having a higher price than some of the others, it still clocks in as a $20 saving with the Steam gift card. Even more so if you include the Overwatch bundle, which comes in at $30.

There are also some discounts for particular cards, including up to $100 on certain models of the RTX 4080.

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