College Professor reportedly fails class after ChatGPT falsely claims they cheated

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A Texas A&M college professor reportedly failed part of his senior class after using ChatGPT to check whether or not they cheated on their final assignments.

Over the last few months, Artificial Intelligence has grown to be massively popular largely thanks to OpenAI and their ChatGPT app.

It can be used for a variety of things, like summarizing a book, finding out more information about a celebrity, and more.

A professor at Texas A&M College reportedly used ChatGPT to check whether or not students had cheated on their assignments, leading to half of his class not receiving their diplomas at graduation.

Texas professor mistakenly failed class

In a post on the ChatGPT subreddit, user DearKick shared a screenshot of an email sent by one of the professors at the school. They also spoke with Rolling Stone about the situation, with the user revealing they are a partner of one of the students affected.

The email from the professor states that everyone would be receiving an “X” grade in the course after ChatGPT claimed to have authored the student’s last three assignments.

“I copy and paste your responses in and ChatGPT will tell me if the program generated the content,” it reads.

DearKick issued a follow-up to the situation, revealing that one of the students affected by the professor’s decision proved that he didn’t use AI on assignments by providing Google Docs timestamps of his writing.

They also shared an update regarding the professor’s future at the university.

“Also heard from the professor that his job may or may not exist after today due to his foul language and unprofessional communications with students but not due to the AI accusations,” they said.

The user also says that the university is working to exonerate the affected students, and will issue an update in a new post to the subreddit as soon as more information is available.

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