Apple threatens to remove iMessage & FaceTime from UK over proposed law

Dylan Horetski
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Apple is reportedly threatening to remove iMessage and FaceTime from devices in the UK if the government passes a proposed update to the Investigatory Powers Act.

Since it was created, iMessage and FaceTime have been staple programs inside of Apple’s popular ecosystem, giving its users unique features in the process.

As of June 20, 2023, however, a possible update to a long-standing law in the UK could lead to these popular messaging apps having their service terminated.

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According to the BBC, Apple is threatening to remove services from the UK if this proposed update to the Investigatory Powers Act is made law.

iMessage 3D LogoUnsplash: @maria_shalabaieva

Apple threatens to remove iMessage & Facetime from UK

In the report, the BBC claims that proposed updates to the IGA will allow the Home Office to demand that security features be disabled without telling the public.

However, Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime offer end-to-end encryption they would have to disable.

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The infamous company has said that it will not make changes to security features for one country, as it would weaken the product for all users and that some changes would require issuing a software update.

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With the latter situation, Apple would be unable to make the changes secretly as requested by the UK government due to the software update listing that changes were made.

It would theoretically open the ability for governments to access the programs without any knowledge on Apple’s part, a proposition they’re firmly opposed to.

We’ll have to wait to see what happens as the UK continues to work on the proposed changes, and we’ll be sure to update you if Apple mentions removing any other services if the law does go through.

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