Starfield octopus-spider hybrid could be Bethesda’s scariest enemy ever

Scary Starfield MobBethesda

One player discovered an enemy that shocked the rest of the Starfield community, who debated whether this could be one of Bethesda’s scariest enemy designs.

Bethesda has developed games like Skyrim and Fallout, in which players have found terrifying enemies – like the Draugr Death Overlord and Deathclaws.

But, out of Bethesda’s sandbox releases, after the developer released the long-awaited game – Starfield -players think they’ve found one enemy that tops them all.

Starfield mob terrified players

The mob players found horrifying was the “Hunting Cephalopod” who struck fear into players as they encountered the alien mob that looked like a fusion between a spider and an octopus.

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Reddit user Gourd Enthusiast shared his close encounter with nightmarish creatures: “If you thought Terrormorphs were scary, well I present to you: Giant lvl 40 Spider-Octopus hybrids.

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In the video, the bewildered Starfield player immediately retreated behind cover after discovering the towering octopus monsters, but the beast climbed straight over their cover and started attacking them. The Space explorer managed to make a lucky escape as they emptied multiple clips into the aggressive aliens and managed to defeat them.

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The Starfield community was shocked by the alien discovery. “Arachnecephalopod, isn’t real; it can’t hurt you… or can it?” one player commented.

Though, other seasoned Starfield players weren’t fazed by the towering alien. “No jetpack? I just fly over these guys and rain down on em. The hover ability in the Boost Assault Training skill is great for dealing with any melee enemies” one player advised.

But some players are terrified of something other than the aliens, being scared more by the creepy smiles of Starfield NPCs.

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