Super Smash Con sparks debate with major rule change for Melee event


Super Smash Con has instituted a major rule change for its upcoming Melee event, designed to combat ‘ledge camping’. 

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While there are plenty of ways to play Smash Bros. Melee, ledge grabbing – or ledge camping – is one that has annoyed players for many years. Players who opt to grab the ledge and hang out, baiting the opponent into a mistake. 

The main culprit of this tactic is Jigglypuff, who can be played so defensively thanks to her ‘floaty’ speed and ledge grabbing. The character, who can wipe out games solely on the ledge, has sparked debate in regards to either being banned outright or clamping down on ledge grabbing. Now, Super Smash Con has opted for the latter.

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NintendoJigglypuff’s ledge grabbing antics have sparked plenty of anger amongst fans.

On July 22, Michael Brancato – the tournament director for Super Smash Con – revealed that they would be implementing a new rule on a ledge grab limit. 

The new law, rule 5.4.7, states that in the event of a match going to a timeout, teams or players can invoke the ledge grab limit by checking the cliffhangers statistics for all players. Should one player or team reach 60 ledge grabs, they will forfeit the match. However, if both players in a singles match – or one from each team – break the 60 limit, the rule will be disregarded. 

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While some fans and players may be welcoming to the change, not everyone is a fan of a new “universal rule,” when changes could be made solely for Jigglypuff.

Legendary pro Jason ‘Mew2King’ Zimmerman commented: “A “universal rule” is very bad because it hurts other characters such as yoshi, marth, (and) sheik much more than it does puff. Puff builds ledge grabs much slower than other chars, and also more safely (and with more mixups, and she has other ways to stall). Her rule should be unique.”

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After fans pointed out that players shouldn’t leave games to go to a timeout regardless, Mew2King explained why it’s a solid tactic for losing players – despite how negative fans may perceive it to be.

“If you’re losing a game solidly and think you won’t win normally, but believe there’s a chance they went over the lgl (ledge grab limit), your goal can simply be to “survive” to force a timeout, allowing you to win a game you have no business winning normally,” he tweeted. 

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It remains to be seen how much the new ledge grab rule affects play at the Super Smash Con event and if it spreads to even more Melee tournaments. 

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