Smash & Kirby creator Masahiro Sakurai launches new project to share his expertise

Sam Comrie
Sakurai reveals aerial smash attacks in ultimate

Super Smash Bros franchise creator Masahiro Sakurai has started a new project — his own YouTube channel — where he plans on sharing his insights on game development and creation with his expertise.

Since 1999, Masahiro Sakurai’s Super Smash Bros franchise has released a string of acclaimed brawlers. Not only did the Kirby creator help re-define the fighting genre as we know it, but he ushered in an era of both casual and competitive play.

Many have come to Sakurai for advice on game development, seeing as he is one of the leading figures in the industry. To help a broader audience of people and share his wisdom, Sakurai is launching his own YouTube channel called ‘Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games‘.

The objective behind Masahiro Sakurai’s YouTube Channel

Masahiro Sakurai loves giving back and interacting with the community — shown through his previous daily Smash Ultimate screens. Sakurai thanked new and long-time fans for their support since 2019, before transitioning into a new project: Sakurai’s own YouTube channel.

“Don’t expect me to stream games or anything like that — I’ll instead be talking about topics like game development and what makes games fun,” Sakurai shares while explaining his channel’s objective.

In the past, many have gone to Masahiro Sakurai in hopes of learning from him. He’s even given lectures at conventions and conferences. But as he states in his “About this Channel” video, there’s a limit to how many people such meetings reach.

Masahiro Sakurai YouTube
Sakurai’s content is catered to a bigger group of people, not just game developers.

The content Masahiro Sakura plans on creating won’t be only appealing to hard core game developers. He plans on addressing elementary topics, rather than going into too much technical detail — thereby providing information useful for all levels of game developers.

Sakurai continues: “Try to think of of this channel as a way of giving a little ‘boost’ to your own knowledge of each subject. The foundation is the viewer’s experience, skill, and way of thinking. But I think I can still provide that little extra boost here and there.”

The production quality is high, but Sakurai is not looking to profit from the videos. These are his personal projects. There will be no ads, and the videos will be 2 to 5 minutes long, making for bite sized information packed videos.

In fact, Sakurai will be losing money from this passion project. He states “Since I have to pay my video editors and translators, I’ll lose more money the longer the series runs but I want to do it anyway.”

Long story short, the esteemed game developer wants to help make games a little more fun around the world.

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